Star Wars: Battlefront Gets Awesome New Screenshot, Info on Character Customization, Missions & More

Today the Star Wars: Battlefront team at EA DICE delivered some treats, in the form of new information about the game and a brand new screenshot.

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FullmetalRoyale1228d ago

It's certainly isn't awe inspiring.

garrettbobbyferguson1228d ago

Where's the screen shot? I only see a bull shot. And that patch is awesome, shame it is associated with the Dice Battlefront reveal.

1228d ago
rezzah1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I doubt that is an image of the environment during gameplay.

HammadTheBeast1228d ago

Why not? This is what Battlefield 4 looked like:

3-4-51228d ago

Exactly it's much better than BF4.

some people want to see this game do bad though.

They are still mad at the prequels and taking it out on anything else Star Wars.

RegorL1228d ago

"let me just say we haven't been idle since we shipped BF4 and Dragon Age ;)"

EA has shipped a lot of Frostbite games this generation.
- BF4
- NFS Rivals
These were release games, visual features would be less important than releasing in time... But they still look great!

[3pp added, split screen, 1080p @60Hz PS4]
- PvZ GW

[Added PBR ?]
- DA:I
- BF:H

Battlefront will be their fourth(?) Frostbite generation on consoles? The first current console generation only?

- EA Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, to be released July.

[I wonder if PGA Tour is their first using photogrametry...]

- Battlefront
- NFS Whatever

Early next year we will see consumer VR systems, and the release of

- Mirrors Edge


rezzah1228d ago

The SW shot is obviously better to the point of appearing to be CGI, as far as I know this is all we have been shown.

If the picture is what the environment looks like during gameplay then that is wonderful, but for now I lean towards it not being gameplay.

The BF4 image to me is not even comparable as it is obviously a gameplay image.

JoeMcCallister1229d ago

Feels like EA and DICE are letting their teams totally nerd out over this and its really getting their passion across - individuals responding and replying with info like this is a nice approach and does wonders for transparency as well as the image of these two companies who could be said to have a "less than perfect" public perception as of late. Here's hoping the game is a knockout.

SilentNegotiator1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Transparency probably isn't the best policy when you cut as many corners as EA is here. It can only lose them sales.

RegorL1228d ago

FYI DICE/EA is building a perfect circle!

pixelsword1228d ago

A perfect circle..

...for me to p00p on!

Koopdogg1228d ago

I think i'll stop all the negativity i've been giving this game especially about DLC and space battles and of course my favorite the mighty AT AT and just embrace what the future holds for Star Wars.

It really can't be all that bad and with the frostbite engine,comes many possibilities and sweet graphics :)

It's Star Wars for flip's sake ,pew pew pew pew pew pew

kingeliran1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

- No Space battles
- No Single player campaign
- No Classes
- 20 players each team
- AT-AT on rails
- 7-8 Vehicles
- No squads
- Half a game at launch

And !!!!NO FREAKING IRON SIGHTS!!! this game is going to be SOOO retarded jetpack bunny hopping with no aiming, lego star wars sounds Way more fun!

JWiLL5521228d ago

Wait...there's no aim down sights at all?

That's shocking if true, considering the team behind it. Odd decision.

garrettbobbyferguson1228d ago

Iron sights were never a part of Battlefront. At least they've gotten that right about the game.

Arturo841228d ago

if all of this is accurate well then I guess its gotten to the point where I say "F this game"

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