Reinventing Star Wars: Taking The AT-AT Off The Rails For The Classic Trilogy | Game Informer

Disney Infinity has become home to a collection of diverse developers all working and creating inside the Disney universe. There are many franchises and characters available to everyone to play with and create for, but none were so desired as the original Star Wars trilogy. When it was announced that Disney had acquired the Star Wars franchise, everyone involved in Disney Infinity was excited about the chance to create a game for their favorite Star Wars characters and timeline.

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vongruetz1164d ago

The idea of being able to take control of an AT-AT is pretty freaking cool. I'm really getting excited over the original trilogy stuff they've announced so far.

Becuzisaid1164d ago

Disney Infinity 3.0 does what Battlefront don't?

Koopdogg1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Olaf hugging the AT AT ...LMAO