The Witcher 3 Release Date Broken, PS4 & XBO Copies Out In The Wild

GearNuke: "The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt will be officially released on May 19th but some stores in the Middle East are apparently already selling the retail version of the game, ahead of the official release."

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rajman1170d ago

This is a normal thing in the Middle East

DarkLordMalik1170d ago

It is, sure. But this also means spoilers will be everywhere ahead of the official release =/

Griever1170d ago

Yes!! Maybe I can find it near me!

raWfodog1170d ago

I've managed to avoid spoilers for The Last of Us for a year and a half until I was ready to play it. It's easy enough if you're careful. Stay away from any articles that mention Witcher 3. It's only a week and a half...

Palitera1170d ago

And a lot of GearNukes and Twinfinites and garbage sites like that posting articles for:
1. TW3 is short
2. TW3 is broken
3. TW3 has no customization

Anyway, spoilers in the title are almost certain to happen and absolutely certain in troll comments. Beware.

ilikepizza1170d ago

yah because we will be reading gaming sites from india....

Braid1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

You actually don't have to worry about spoilers when it comes to a game like the Witcher. I've read that there are 36 variations for the ending alone, so some other player's ending will not be the same as yours, since "your" choices will shape the story of the game. If it was a linear game like Last of Us or the Order, however, that would be another story.

HammadTheBeast1169d ago

Today I learned India is in the Middle East.

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Meltic1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Stupid stores. Everything to make Money... but its allso the developers fault. They send out the copies to early.

Septic1170d ago

They have to send them out some time!

gatormatt801170d ago

You're blaming the devs for this? Lol... Newsflash, the devs didn't send out copies to retailers. That would be the publishers job.

xTheMercenary_1170d ago

You know that game devs can sue game stores if they release the game early. Not sure why they dont do it, unless they cant figure out which stores then i can see why but if they know, they should.

UKmilitia1170d ago

once the game is gold its out of devs hands jeez .
how old are you?
i suggest u read how manufactoring works.

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Nucler1001170d ago

Daamn, need that to bless my location.

chrisx1170d ago

Major spoilers incoming

--bienio--1170d ago

[email protected]@@@rs from Now until release Im cut myself from any news about The witcher 3.

re2_apocalypse1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Sweet lord; I need this game in my life now.

That and Batman: Arkham Knight

Solid_Penguin-641170d ago

And MGSV to complete the divine 2015 trifecta!

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The story is too old to be commented.