GameSpy: Sims 3 Interview: Fun with Kleptomania

The Sims 3, announced at the Electronic Arts press conference with a short, tantalizing trailer, was sadly not on display anywhere on the E3 show floor. But GameSpy did have the opportunity to speak with Rod Humble from Maxis, the brains behind the entire Sims juggernaut. From SimCity to My Sims to the newly announced SimAnimals, Humble oversees dozens of products on every major platform. He's also deeply involved with The Sims 3, a game that millions of eager fans are waiting for.

During the conference GameSpy had a chance to talk with Humble about all of his ongoing projects, including his work with the indie gaming scene. But they will save a transcript of the full interview for another time. Today GameSpy wanted to focus on Sims 3. They learned a great deal about the expansive world, the unique personality system, and more.

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