Xbox 360 Almost Gets Installs Right: Using Discs Is So Xbox 360 1.0

PseudoSavant has an interesting take on Xbox 360 hard drive installations. This is something Microsoft should really think about.

"One of the interesting aspects of the recently announced "New Xbox Experience" is that gamers will now be able to install/copy their games onto the hard drive. This will be a welcome feature for many people, and I really commend Microsoft on making installs optional (as they should be), however they just missed the mark on making it perfect.
I'm suggesting that Microsoft should change how their games are sold. Every game should come with a code that, when entered during an install, would allow gamers to play without inserting the disc."

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toughNAME3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Just don't start forcing installs on us

Whoooop3774d ago

They will be mandaroty in time.... For some games at least.

Believe it.

Primetimebt3774d ago

Highly doubt they go mandaratory with nearly 90% people still playing on false advertisted 20GB . Add in th fact the maxed out DVD with 7.5 I now have 6 GB left for saved games/videos/music.

AngryXbot3774d ago

Come on now. You honestly think that a multi platform game that requires install will differentiate between PS3 and 360?

You honestly think that the developers will say "hey guys, you can install on both consoles but lets make it so that the PS3 install is mandatory but the 360 is optional!"

Ha ha ha aha hahahaha, I just LAUGHED MY AS OFF guys.

There is not optional install.

gaffyh3774d ago

@Ninja-sama - Yeah I can see that happening, maybe not a full mandatory install, but at least probably a few gigs worth of textures and audio and stuff.

There shouldn't really need to be an install for a 1 DVD game, but I can definitely see it happening for Multi-disc games.

codeazrael3774d ago

Devil may cry was a mandatory hd install for the ps3 and not the 360. And that was multiplatform.

drewdrakes3773d ago

With a big enough hard drive, doesnt this also eliminate blu-ray's advantage? You just install all the discs and then only need the first one.

Monchichi0253773d ago

The poor Sony fanboys. They don't understand what OPTIONAL means. But give them some lean ency because since Sony has Forced things down there throught from day 1, they can'd comprehend the concept.

MS will never make it mandatory or will allow the developer to make it mandatory because IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. MS is all about the money and doing something like this would not make sense to the bottom line.

So speculate all you want, but MS has proven that they are all about options this generation.

xhairs93773d ago

First off using the word "fanboys" is against the rules. Second, why is your response to Sony supporters? It should be about the article.

As for mandatory installs? Hardly a burden amongst PS3 gamers.

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power of Green 3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

I agree with almost everyhting that was said; as of Now I don't really care about the disc being in the drive I will only use this with games like Mass Effect 2, Boarder lands and APB etc.

I do agree these are baby steps and MSFT will have to be careful with pirating issues although to assume MSFT won't be imporving this feature before full blown digital distribution is foolish.

azmanmanz3774d ago

What?? Microsoft still fight for the pirating issue..? Hahaha hahahah

Angelitos3774d ago

What is APB?

Also, gamers will just rent games, this is a dumb idea.

Pain3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

to bad Xbox is just Laptop PC parts jammed in a ugly PS2 clone case or else installs would be kinda kool.

lol yea Rent to own for err till u erase it lol , Developers will hate that..

and whats APB?

this APB?

GiantEnemyCrab3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

With piracy the way it is already on the 360? This is something I'm sure they are being careful about to see if it can be exploited. What is the big deal with having the disc in the drive?

@#2: APB is All Points Bulletin a new game from RealTime Worlds(the guys who did Crackdown).

chaosatom3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

wtf. So u don't need the disc?

HOW BIG of a install are going to take place?????

vitz33774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

About half of the Premium console's hard drive space. You can install 2 games, then if you want to play another one the same way you can delete it, then wait another 30 minutes for your game to install.

Enjoy xbox users. Enjoy. Anyone remember the constant bashing that was done when PS3 started having installs? So now it's a good thing because Microsh** is doing it?

Meanwhile, MGS4.

3774d ago
Petitionstation 33774d ago

Devil May Cry PS3 MANDATORY install = 5GB in 22 minutes.
Devil May Cry 360 OPTIONAL install = 7GB in 10 minutes.

Winner = Xbox 360
pwned = vitz3

uckitsayitchbay3774d ago

Nobody actually knows how fast or slow the install times are and i would be willing to bet that there longer than i M$ exec states.. so are you going to belive everything they tell you.. GOD I H8 M$ (ever since i had to PAY!! to get my RRoD fixed because i think i was one of the first batches of the RRoD so it wasn't as famous as it is now my next 3 were covered but i had to pay $99 to fix my first rrod and ms dont give a crap)

Primetimebt3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

@2.4 - They probably are going to be faster on the 360 because it can read data faster


20 Xbox - 13.5 gb of storage
20 PS3- 15 gb of storage

Winner- PS3

120 GB Upgrade - $149
320 GB Upgrade- $100

Winner - PS3

Some may enjoy a faster install, some may prefer the more space, or some may enjoy the price of upgrade.

Megatron083774d ago

Funny how all the ps3 fanboy cant seem to understand that this is opinional unlike the ps3 were install are required to play the game. If you dont want to pay more for an extra HDD you just dont or to take the time to install the game you dont have to. Its that simple.

Anyways back to the article having a code that you enter doesnt really work either. If you rent a game you either wont have the code or if you did get the code you be able to keep the game without buying it. I think MS probably came up with the best way of doin installs

agentace3774d ago

and what you dont seem to understand is the ps3 installs are about 200mb-1.5gb(some exceed that) and most ps3s have 40-80gb HDD standard so you never have to delete them.. the xbox,it doesn`t mattter that the installs are optional becasue your only going to have the option to install 1 game because your just copying the entire 7gb disc to the HDD and dont give me the crap about oh yeah i can just delete it and instaal another because you wont cause it would be a waste of time to install 1 game (10-30mins) then delete it to do another

Megatron083774d ago

@agentace I have a ps3 and most of the games that require install are 3-5GB and while i doubt anyone with a 20GB 360 will use the installs. I sure it be a nice little feature for those that have 120GB 360.

psnSkareFace3773d ago

not all ps3 hav 2 b installed eg motorstorm

Megatron083773d ago

@psnSkareFace I did say "most" not all are require install either a few games have it as an option I just wish all game were optional

ravinash3773d ago

Most of he noise comes from the cooling fan, not from the CDrom drive. So this won't make it run any quieter.
Now how much do those MS harddrive cost again?

My PS3 I got the 60GB model and filled it up in just under a year (now upgraded to 250GB). You just can't do that with a 360....and their expecting to run all these downloaded movies and content. Good luck.

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