Project CARS PS4 gameplay: Ruf GT3 Race with 100% AI difficulty

VVV: "Our latest Project CARS Playstation 4 gameplay video follows a gruelling 10 lap race in the Ruf RGT-8 GT3. The action takes place at Silverstone with the AI set at 100% difficulty, with all racing assists turned off and using a racing wheel.

The action starts off very frantic with AI cars jostling for position - you can either get amongst it or hang back to safely avoid potential collisions which could end your race before it properly began."

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hay1110d ago

Very nice driving, enjoyable to watch, good montage, proper commentary. You've gained a subscriber good sir.

Wouldn't be myself if I didn't nitpick: Why I do have a feeling that pCARS is suffering from a bad case of frame interpolation? Sometimes it looks like it's in 3D and you're not wearing any glasses.

ps4fanboy1109d ago

Looks good , be getting this.