Horizon Shift breathes fierce new life into classic shoot'em ups | Dealspwn preview

Dealspwn: "Horizon Shift is one of those cracking "what if?" ideas that makes an overplayed genre feel fresh and new again. After spending years developing scrolling Xbox Live Indie SHMUPS, gradually iterating and experimenting, British outfit Flump Studios are creating something rather special.

They're clearly good sports, too, since they got in touch and sent me a preview code even after I brutally thumped Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection. That's the level of confidence we're dealing with here, and I'm absolutely thrilled to report it's well-placed. As a hybrid between Space Invaders, Bullet Hell/Danmaku SHMUPs and Tempest with a killer twist, I've played plenty of similar games yet nothing quite like Horizon Shift."

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