Wrath of Obama Review - Hardcore Droid

I knew that I’d be interested in downloading Wrath of Obama the second I stumbled upon it. Who wouldn’t love Putin atop a giant bear fighting a battle-worn Obama as the U.S. president rallies a cry to his fellow Americans? For all we know, this could be a prophecy of our second Cold War. Perhaps this game is a message from those on high to warn us poor souls of the dreary battle ahead. But it’s more likely is that this is just a fun game with great voice acting and some sadly repetitive game play. I’d like to preface this by saying I didn’t expect this game to be the next great adventure of our time. Nor did I expect to be moved to tears by a passionate and moving story of America not only triumphing over the evil Russians, but its own internal struggles as well. Let me tell you that this is definitely not that game. But if you do want to laugh and punch Putin in the face as President Obama, than look no further. Because who really doesn’t want to punch Putin in the face? Hear that deafening silence? That’s the sound of no one disagreeing with that sentiment.

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