Dec: PS3 Sales Fly Past Xbox 360 in Japan

Media Create, the Japanese sales tracking organisation, has just published the hardware sales figures for the week of 27th November to 3rd December. The PS3's performance in that week sees its hardware sales reach 187,836 units, taking only four weeks to pass the Xbox 360's lifetime total of 178,070 units - a total that Microsoft machine took a full year to reach.

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eques judicii4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

its not quite there yet...
this article fails to consider that through those 4 weeks the 360 continued to sell

However, one more release of systems should put the ps3 up above the xbox 360

NextGen24Gamer4391d ago

Thats amazing. Thats Great news for Microsoft. I'm curious to see how sales pick up once Blue Dragon releases and word of mouth spreads about the game and the hands on comparissons with the ps3 and the 360. Nintendo is kicking everyone butt though. Good for them. But as of right now. The ps3 and the 360 is just about equal in sales. I think that Japanese gamers were playing the wait and see game with the 360. I think sales will continue to pick up as more gamers can compare consoles and get some fantastic exclusive games for the 360 with Blue dragon leading the way.

Watapata4391d ago

While I'll admit the possibility, I think everyone, including yourself, has to admit that the chances the 360 sells better than PS3 in Japan, even just through the end of 2006 are fairly slim. The sense of nationalism instilled in Japan likely can't allow it. And even if the 360 some how manages to sell better through the end of the year, the chances that it keeps that lead for long into 2007 are virtually nil. This has nothing at all to do with the quality of either console, but specifically the number of games for each console that appear in the region as well as the nationalism mentioned earlier.

dfb19774390d ago (Edited 4390d ago )

Sony have a lot of experience in the Japanese market and know how to cater for their customers there so the PS3 will always outsell the Xbox. The rest of the world however will be pretty even between the two. If the PS3 price point was lower I would of said Sony would lead but given the higher price, over the next few years it will probably be pretty even between the two. The Wii obviously being the dark horse of the bunch.

FKN Unbelievable4390d ago

Keep Piling in and You will see a Shift in the Balance of Power trust me. JRPG's is What drives the Japnese people besides Underage teen girls Panty shots.

Retard4390d ago

Those people were F*@$#%! nuts when Dragon Quest VIII came out, almost as bad a console launch itself.

Scrumptious4390d ago

probably prefer Gundam to Chrome Hounds.

Arkham4390d ago

No, they prefer Armored Core to Chrome Hounds.

blackmagic4390d ago

...and wii sales fly past ps3 sales. Wii sold 350k in its first week, about double what ps3 has sold in the past 4 weeks.

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