Attack on Titan gets U.S. release date and more

Everyone has been waiting quite a long time to see the Attack on Titan 3DS game make it to the states. Well, there is finally a release date for the U.S. and it’s SOON! It looks like it will be hitting the stores May 12th which will be this Tuesday!

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8BitBang1264d ago

:0 I have to buy this and splatoon asap! Im surprised this would come out so quick! Hope to see more japan releases come to west :)

travestyj1264d ago

Why is PS4 tagged in this? I got excited for a second.

Travis37081264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

IKR! I was looking at that too.

It's the reason I clicked on this article.

Godmars2901264d ago

Probably voted through too quickly.

rdgneoz31264d ago

From the article: "Now, for what I am most excited about. There is a PS4 game set to come sometime in the future."

Godmars2901264d ago

Saying that there will - might - be a PS4 AoT game for the PS4 is not the same as saying that this pacific 3DS game will see a direct PS4 port. In fact such a direct port wouldn't be as much of a good thing.

eddieistheillest1264d ago

Attack on Titan on PS4 .... Dope.

gangsta_red1264d ago

Love the anime, would love to see a console with multiplayer and having a team work together to bring down some titans.

ss4gogeta0691264d ago

Read. It's slated to come to PS4!

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The story is too old to be commented.