Ubisoft Annecy Takes On The Division

Ubisoft’s anticipated post-viral MMO, The Division, just got a new partner. The project, headed up by Ubisoft Massive, already includes Red Storm (Ghost Recon) and Reflections (Driver). Now, Ubisoft Annecy has been added to the project.

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medman1115d ago

So 2016 release then. Got it.

OUROSMAG1115d ago

If it's done right, who cares....

ThunderPulse1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

As long as it turns out great I'm down.

Dirtnapstor1114d ago

Sounds like Ubi is really pouring resources in for this game. They need to. The Division has so much potential, especially for this genre.

equal_youth1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Worst case scenario would be AC:u all over again. But my worries are more about the game and its structures and mechanics. I just hope we dont get another destiny :o

Dirtnapstor1114d ago

Right. I do enjoy Destiny though. I haven't spent the time grinding. Still need to so I can upgrade, to access certain areas without being slain instantly! LOL

UKmilitia1113d ago

the thing is it needs to be out by xmas so more devs will help that.
also an MMO is a huge thing so with the potential this has different angles and more ideas is a good thing.

Dirtnapstor1113d ago

That's exactly what I thought initially. Varying elements with specific goals, spearheaded by different developers.

qwertyone1114d ago

Could this mean they are ramping up production for a fall 2015 release ?

Scatpants1114d ago

Doubt it. If they were releasing in the fall they would practically have to be on final testing by now.

OUROSMAG1114d ago

They just signed people up for a closed doors beta in their offices...

they very well could be in the begining phases.

pompombrum1114d ago

With all the shooters out this year, I'd bet my money on an Easter 2016 release.

ninsigma1114d ago

I'm guessing this is going to get delayed. Not that that is a bad thing. With how their games have been releasing lately I want them to take their time with this one and get it right. It has potential to be awesome, so lets give them the time to make it so.

krypt19831114d ago

How can a game that doesn't have a release date get delayed?

ninsigma1114d ago

It's due out this year is it not??

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