Persona 5 release date, game updates: website updated with new screenshots

Sony's Japanese website for the PlayStation was recently updated with fresh screenshots from the upcoming "Persona 5" title.

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Omar911171d ago

It's already revealed...

Mr Pumblechook1171d ago

Headline says release date but is misleading as the vague '2015' release has already been revealed.

elninels1170d ago

did anyone else get the"Answer a short survey to continue"? Very weak sauce.

the_dark_one1171d ago

Now your comment wont make sense, the previous title was a bit misleading cause everyone knows it was already announced, but now its says maybe be shown, which is very provable, and from what we have seen from the last trailer it looks like another stellar persona game. Cant wait for it

Omar911171d ago

No, I think it makes sense now. Insiders are saying we may see this game at E3 which is plausible. I think your good now General.

MRBIGCAT1171d ago

awesome, can't wait to see this next month!

Omar911171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

"Atlus, devlopers of the Persona series, are reportedly gearing up for a “major announcement” at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles."

This could finally be a release date we all been waiting for!

Hiro1931170d ago

Eh.....not likely.

I'd wait until sometime after TGS or something along those lines.

Or another Persona stream.

Kal-V31171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

What is would like to see:
1. Persona 5 release date for all regions
2. Digital Devil Saga 3 (wishful thinking)
3. anything SMT related for Vita. Either new series or remake\collection exclusively on Vita.


Digital_Anomaly1171d ago

I'm confused as to why the link changed... he linked to source material in his original post. Why'd the mods hijack it?


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