You won't need to unlock new skins in Batman Arkham Knight

Rocksteady has confirmed that in the upcoming Batman Arkham Knight players will not need to unlock any new character skins as they will all be available right from the off.

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TheCatsMeow1021d ago

That's actually awesome news. Can't wait.

Minute Man 7211021d ago

I need to preorder this game

skulz71021d ago

No that's not what they meant. Watch the video again and you will see that he means you can switch right from the begginning of the game, you will still have to unlock them, he means you just won't have to wait till the end game to unlock / use them.

CannonB81020d ago

No, he says "you can skin up right from the start". Doesn't say anything about completing the game first.

skulz71020d ago

Yes that's what I'm saying. You can skin up from the start but you still have to unlock the outfits like in the past games.

deadpoolio3161020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

The point being...YES in the past even if you had 20 skins, you bought the game late and bought the DLC or something you needed to actually beat the game once before you could use any of those skins...

Here all this means is YES if you have a skin at the beginning of the game you can use it, You STILL HAVE TO UNLOCK THEM....You generally get 1 skin for normal, one skin for new game plus, and son and so forth..You still have to unlock skins, you just don't have to beat the game the requisite 1 time

kingPoS1020d ago

So it's like tekken were you unlock it in-game? If so - awesome!

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