I’ll Never Love a Console Like I Loved the Mega-CD

Vice: I assure you, I've not recently been in an accident, still suffering the effects of some minor head trauma, and nor am I being a deliberately contrary so-and-so simply to get your eyes on this page (but hello, all the same). And I'm certainly not saying that Sega's CD unit expansion to their all-conquering 16bit Mega Drive system (Genesis stateside, making said add-on the Sega CD) represents the greatest achievement in console hardware of all time.

But I loved it. I loved mine. I still have it, albeit in the loft. It comes down from time to time, but there's no space for a permanent position beneath the telly. Blame this damned thing we call progress.

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Rebel_Scum1317d ago

Yeah the MegaCD was ok. But it was way too expensive when it came out way back when.

Vey was a great RPG that isn't mentioned in the article. I'd recommend that if you like turn based JRPG's.