Where Have All The Turn-Based RPGs Gone?

Roleplaying games used to be my favorite genre of video game. Final Fantasy VII was the very first game I ever bought completely with my own money as a kid. Back then when games came on multiple discs it was seen as a good thing rather than a hassle. You looked at a game with three or four discs and knew that you were in for a lengthy journey of epic proportions. The stuff of legend.

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kalkano1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

"The game failed to surpass one million in global sales, however, and must have not sold enough to warrant a sequel so one was never made. Even today some gaming forum regulars are holding out hope they’ll make a Lost Odyssey 2 but at this point LO2 seems about as likely as Sony green-lighting an HD remake of Final Fantasy VII."

This is 100% because it was an X360 exclusive. Most JRPG fans STILL don't own an X360.

"What happened to all the good JRPGs? Why have they been changed to feel more like Western RPGs when JRPGs have their own interminable track record of success?"

Japanese publishers saw the sales of JRPGs shrink (because they were on X360, or handhelds/phones), and the sales of WRPGs climb (because they were made as AAA console games) and made the illogical assumption that WRPGs were simply the more popular genre. Logical fallacies all over the place.

"The problem is that people are so darn impatient now. It seems all gamers want is fast-paced, mindless action. Turn-based combat is deemed as too slow and antiquated (these were literally the words some reviewers used to describe Lost Odyssey when it came out!)"

There are still millions of turn-based fans out there. They didn't vanish into thin air. The problem is, we don't get respectable games, so we don't buy them. And, you don't find many turn-based fans doing reviews. And, most modern action fans will do ANYTHING to try to make turn-based seem "illegitimate".

Roccetarius1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Even though we have our differences, have a well said. When we do get turn-based games, it's usually something that seems to be made as an afterthought. Mistwalker actually put some thought into making Lost Odyssey, and it's a shame they suffered because of a lack of sales.

Another one that may seem strange to others, but is something i personally think broke the same old, is Resonance of Fate. Sure, it took some time to get used to it, but it was a good game regardless.

I'm definitely against all the remastering going on currently, but releasing Lost Odyssey, Resonance of Fate, (even the Grandia developer has expressed interest in the PC) i would support them as a dying type of game.

NewMonday1140d ago

Persona 5 should be turn based

TheDivine1140d ago

Resonance of Fate is one of the greatest games ever made, hands down. Amazing battle system and interesting world with the best characters ever. I can't praise that game enough. Go play it.

Love all RPGs. Tales and Star Ocean are great but turn based def has its place. Loved Lost Odyssey, SMT, Persona, Xenosaga, and FFX. I really loved Xenoblade and The Last Story. They did the real time rpg justice. I'd prefer FF return to its turn based roots but 12 was damn good. Bottom line is as long these series live on I'm happy. If Sakaguchi, Monolith, and Square have to make ARPGs to thrive go for it. Keep the games coming.

Rebel_Scum1141d ago

I'd say apart from the 3DS its just gone out of fashion.

I like them, but I will admit that the biggest problem with them is when you become overpowered and just end up button mashing the same button for attack.

Xenoblade Chronicles is a great example of a modernised turn based mechanic.

Kal-V31140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

There are a bunch on the Vita. Also, SMT X Fire Emblem and Persona 5 are coming out this year. There are fewer than there used to be and less promotion for them in the west, but they are good and they are out there.

Kyosuke_Sanada1140d ago

I'd say the SMT series is the worst series of RPGs ever made.

Bigpappy1140d ago

Stop with the blaming Xbox for JRPG failures. There were only 2 JRPG exclusive on 360.

The problem with turn-based JRPG's, is that they started to slow in sales, and many found better success on hand-held and smart-phones. That is where the T-B audience has mostly gone, especially in Japan.

Dragon Age is the closes thing to turn-based in these big new modern RPG's we are now seeing. JRPG's could and should return. But if they stick to that old formula that are now on cell phones, the will not attract as many gamers and competing real-time WRPG's, like the Witcher and Elder Scrolls.

There is still and audience for Turn-based JRPG's, just like there is still an audience for 2D platformers and action games. It is just that publishers have to decide what gives them the most bang for the buck. They are all looking to be the next Skyrim (Successful in sales and acclaim), rather than the next FF VII.

kalkano1140d ago

^ There are those logical fallacies I was talking about.

rainslacker1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

I would put forth that the marketing budgets of WRPG's compared to those of JRPG's(turn based or otherwise) is the bigger reason for the rise of WRPG's. FFVII was successful, and had the largest advertising budget of any game up to that time. Huge sales. Skyrim...huge sales. FFXIII heavily advertised. Big sales. the 360 JRPG's weren't heavily advertised, and had about the same marketing presence of any other JRPG.

WRPG's aren't something that came about suddenly last gen, they go back to before Doom was out, and they didn't do as well as the more heavily advertised JRPG's at the time.

I don't think the 360 killed JRPG's, that's kind of silly to think, and is categorically untrue. JRPG's in generally just didn't really advance that much, and turn based, for some reason, became a bad thing.

If some turn based JRPG got the advertising budget of Skyrim, I have no doubt it would sell Skyrim numbers if it was a good game, and was given credit as such.

There was certainly a change in perception with the media when it came to Japanese games. It seems even today the media in general does talk down to people who prefer the things that makes Japanese games more Otaku, and at times old stereotypes that were never true to begin with are made to discredit a good game, and pander to the western audience instead of trying to also court the fans of the Japanese games.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1141d ago

On 3DS
Bravely Series
Etrian Odyssey
Fire Emblem
Conception II
Persona Q

Kal-V31140d ago

"Where Have All The Turn-Based RPGs Gone?"

Atlus has them all, and they are in good hands.

Kal-V31140d ago

Very true, they release good stuff as well.

dreadz741140d ago

ughhhh hopefully they never make them again I find them so boring..

kalkano1140d ago

So only genres you like should be made? Screw everyone else?

dreadz741140d ago

hahahahha no no just not my taste is all . I like to play not watch the action ...

kalkano1139d ago

Gameplay is gameplay. It's just a different type of gameplay.

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