Why Kingdom Hearts 3 should escape its convoluted past

"If you want to make sense of Kingdom Hearts' labyrinthine narrative in preparation for the action-RPG's long-awaited return, I have three words for you: good freaking luck. It's the simple story of a young boy named Sora, who teams up with classic Disney characters Donald Duck and Goofy as they protect the titular Kingdom Hearts from the likes of villainess Maleficent and her evil Heartless. Sora fights monsters with a Keyblade (a blade shaped like a key), meets an eclectic band of Disney and Final Fantasy characters, visits various worlds based on Disney movies, and ends up cryogenically frozen so he can regain his memories, while his Nobody (a person who has lost their heart to darkness but is still strong enough to exist) runs around having adventures with a group called Organization XIII, who seek to reclaim their hearts and become whole again, but their real purpose is to transform into clones of Master Xehanort so he can use them to recreate the χ-blade, which was lost during the Keyblade War. Also, Sephiroth shows up as a hidden boss - because why not at this point."

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-Foxtrot1316d ago

Shame they made the spin offs and prequels part of the main game series.

With all these different worlds out there in the game I don't know why they didn't make a set of new characters.

The team could of had a new character similar to Sora and his team mates could of been José Carioca or Panchito Pistoles in Donalds role and Horace Horsecollar in Goofy's. Throw in Oswald aswell to replace King Mickeys role.

Least then you wouldn't be ruining the plot of the main games.

isthe1315d ago

I can see what they're saying but I think the reason they made all those spin offs is that Tetsuya Nomura wants the story to still be interesting. These spin offs are, yes there's no denying, a grab for money cause SE is kind of in the shitter, but they expand the story and make you wonder where it's going, and that's why the 3rd main game is supposed to wrap everything up.

I mean, by now most of the fan base are late teenagers to young adults and up. If it was simple story lines with disney characters and such, it would just be a kids game. Which is great for kids but sucks for us.