Console games desperately need reinvention - Riccitiello

Unity CEO laments lack of innovation, calls events of current console generation "depressing"

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Aloy-Boyfriend1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Everything has been pretty much done by now. I think gaming has reached its peak. We know depend of software for innovation. Sure Morpheus, Oculus, and Hololens look like a next step, but me personally I prefer to play games the traditional way: with a controller.As for games, well, Indies seem to be the only ones that are innovative.

I don't consider MS's TV integration ''innovative.'' ;. DRM and All in One system aren't the reason I buy gaming consoles. It's for games. Doing all of that just to compete with Google and Apple was unnecessary. Make a separate device for that and focus on competing with Sony and Nintendo in the gaming market. If you want to bring TV stuff, fine! Do it like Sony has been doing it. Games first, and then some extra stuff second

ps360s1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

It HAS not reach it's peak! noway

innovation will come but not in this gen of consoles but maybe next

It's not about throwing in some innovation and hope it works out (wii did it but it worked) but not every innovation will work straight out of the box, you need to give it testings, time and then they got to think about the cost side of things

hehe ignore the first paragraph but yea gaming games has I guess if companies don't take a risk

MurDocINC1320d ago

Gaming doesn't need innovation, it needs refinement!

darthv721320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

@XiKurap... the last "gaming only" console was the gamecube. No streaming, no internet, no dlc, no media (music/movies) playback... just games.

Unlike yourself, it seems there is a majority of consumers who like those conveniences. If they didn't then they wouldn't be buying the PS4's and XB1's or even the PS3's and XB360's.

The slogan for this generation is: Come for the gaming. Stay for everything else.

3-4-51320d ago

* People who lack a creative thought process often reach arrogant and ignorant conclusions such as Riccitiello.

dcbronco1320d ago

People agreeing with this moron need to check his resume. He may be gaming's greatest staller of innovation. He is the dismissed former EA CEO trying to extend the 15 minutes he received from his outlandish statements from the other day.

Nothing to see here.

T9001320d ago

I think many of the fresh ideas of our time have come from the modding community. Developers essentially have closed the door on that community.

I think they need to allow modding on consoles too, so newer and creative ideas can be brought to the table. Developers themselves dont like mods because they cant sell DLCs, yet they themselves are not willing to do anything that is out of line with whats out already since they dont want to take risks.

If you think of it many of best games in the last decades were initially mods Teamfortress, Portal, Left4dead, Dayz, Counter strike. Moba genre wouldnt exist if it had not been for modders.

I think Developers really need to allow mods on PC and console so newer and fresh ideas can come to light.

reversial1320d ago

Why would anyone disagree with this?

Transistor1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

No, not at all.

AAA games need to stop copying each other. Be secure enough to do your own thing and budget properly. Just because your game doesn't sell like COD, doesn't mean it can't be a success.

From Software is a very well managed studio, that doesn't required a massive budget to make an amazing game. They make a ton of profit and get lots of respect and all while doing their own thing. Quantic Dream is another great example of this as well.

StevenSeagul1320d ago

Stop pumping out the same crap over and over, then.

Retroman1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Exactly!!! since 2006 we've been getting same milked she-it over and over, such as Assassin creed,Call of duty, Battlefield, Destiny, Mass effect, or any other BORING !! military inspired "open world shooter games".....gaming used to have Variety .

im tired playing and seeing same she-it . something inovative and New please, long as it's not open world shooter i welcome it .

Timesplitter141320d ago

I'm starting to like this Unity CEO more and more.

die_fiend1320d ago

He's the former EA CEO! You know, the company that churn out annualised titles worse than any other!

Can it pal, you gladly milked every franchise in your old job, you're all of a sudden about reinvention...drastic change!

Grap1320d ago

To be Fair Activision did it before them.

Allsystemgamer1320d ago

Actually when he was the ceo of EA he wanted new IPs. When those new IPs didn't sell as well as sequels (which is a given) he was fired. He wanted new games not rehashed sequels. He couldn't make EA the money they wanted because he wasn't satisfied with the games they were making.

pompombrum1320d ago

This is the guy that said "this is a point that I think might be lost on many is a big and substantial portion of digital revenues are micro transactions. When you are six hours into playing Battlefield and you run out of ammo in your clip, and we ask you for a dollar to reload. And then when you’re deep into the game, they’re well invested in it. We’re not gauging but we’re charging and at that point in time the commitment can be pretty high."

destroyerz11320d ago

What we need is more creative and original games. Awesome new IPs and not sequel to AC, FIFA, COD ...!

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