Indie Spotlight: is an incredible simple game, yet has the power to keep you playing for hours. Derrick D. of Gamer Assault Weekly tells you about the game in this week's Indie Spotlight.

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Edgetroll1170d ago

This reminds me a lot of feeding frenzy, and I'm ok with that.

VRex71170d ago

I put hours into this game only to be devoured by "deez nuts" ... I love it

Radical_Crab1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Was corned by The Moon and South Korea who proceeded to vaporize all of my balls.

One hell of a video game/10

TapperDD1170d ago

I got cornered by Hitler and [insert racist slur]. I don't mind getting devoured, but it really pissed me off being eaten by 2 stupid trolls. I love this game.

nick47611170d ago

This reminds me of a browser based game i used to play. Instead of floating balls it was fish. Pretty damn fun.