Nintendo Makes Money

Nintendo has announced it made a ¥41 billion (about $350 million) profit for their fiscal year which just ended in March.

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GordonKnight1264d ago

Nintendo made me money in the stock market.

Thanks Nintendo!!!

wonderfulmonkeyman1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Wii U got a boost from 7k to 23k this week.
Nice. That means Xenoblade X helped to move a decent amount of units for its launch alongside the new Dragon Quest content.

PigPen1264d ago

That Xenoblade Wii U bundle!

Moonman1264d ago

Long live sweet Ninty. FU

MNGamer-N1264d ago

Good, back to making money after 4 years. Now let's see if they can keep making it for a while.

Gemmol1263d ago

they hold off on the new system for 4 more years, they cud make a lot of profit