Rock Band DLC for Week of July 22nd

"HMXTheMax", a Harmonix Developer, writes:

"Hey Guys. I'm sure you're all itching to know what tasty downloadables we're throwing your way next week, so I'll keep it brief. Sean and friends are flying back from E3 (which went phenomenally) and will be back next week, so toss all your empties in the recycling bin and try not to make it look like we partied too hard while they were gone. Here we go:

Tracks: Nine Inch Nails 3-pack
"Capital G"

"Junkies For Fame"

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RevN8r3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Guess I didn't get on it quickly enough. I was going to put the vids in as well, but I guess I can put them here.

Nevers3798d ago

... I've yet to lay down the ducats for THE WHO they released... barely keeping up anymore... anyone know or hear rumor of the Offspring pack's release date per-chance????