Space Ape Games Unveils Second Title: Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin™

Space Ape Games, the developer behind successful mobile title Samurai Siege, today released its second game, Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin - globally on iOS.

Space Ape’s first release, Samurai Siege, was a worldwide success, achieving over $20m in aggregate revenue and over 10 million downloads in just over a year. For their second game, Space Ape Games has built on Samurai Siege’s strategy gaming roots, to deliver a deep gaming experience set in an immersive fantasy world created with the help of award-winning games writer Rhianna Pratchett.

Rival Kingdoms is a bold new take on the mobile real-time strategy (RTS) genre with a heavy emphasis on explosive action, intense multiplayer combat and collaborative guild-based gameplay.

Players build fortified camps, armies and alliances in the war-torn land of Estara, and fight each other and the world-threatening Ruin. Along the way, they can discover and recruit a variety of Ancients – powerful allies whose special attacks can devastate foes and change the course of battle.

Space Ape has enlisted a diverse team to build its latest game, with talent from the world’s leading mobile and social gaming studios, core game studios, and businesses. CEO John Earner, as Product Head at Playfish, previously produced three of the most successful Facebook games in history – The Sims Social, Restaurant City and Pet Society.

Space Ape also enlisted the skills of composer Richard Jacques (Sonic 3D, Headhunter, Mass Effect) and writer and narrative designer Rhianna Pratchett (Overlord, Tomb Raider), to help create Rival Kingdoms immersive world, narrative and score.

Commenting on the narrative, Rhianna Pratchett said: “Working with Space Ape on Rival Kingdoms has opened my eyes to the delightful reality that rich narrative experiences are no longer just the preserve of console and PC games.

Mobile games are attracting a new audience who expect to be able to enjoy a few minutes or a few hours in a more interesting and multi-dimensional world. As a writer, it’s a fascinating challenge – like the graphics, sound and file size, the story needs to be delivered in a tighter, more economical package, but still satisfy the experienced gamer. Estara, the land of Rival Kingdoms, has many of the elements fantasy fans expect – heroes, villains, dragons and ancient beings wielding supernatural powers – but I think we’ve built some twists and surprises into the world as well. I can’t wait to see how players react to it.”

John Earner, CEO of Space Ape Games commented: “We’re thrilled to be able finally to reveal Rival Kingdoms. We’ve spent a lot of time exploring why players love the strategy genre so much, along with what makes for a satisfying game.

Many mobile strategy games offer a satisfying loop for a few minutes, but lack depth and sophistication. And, on PC and console, depth and sophistication come at the cost of convenience and time. We wanted to build a game that can scratch the gaming itch at a bus stop or checkout queue, but also offer hours of base development, alliance building and combat, with great music, better-developed characters and narrative and beautiful graphics using the latest version of Unity, with Support for Apple's Metal Graphics". We believe that Rival Kingdoms offers the best of both worlds – and that players are going to react very well to that.”
Rival Kingdoms is available on iOS now and on Android from May 2015. For more information on Rival Kingdoms visit

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