Media Create sales (4/27 – 5/3) – Xenoblade Chronicles X debut

Media Create published the latest Japanese hardware/software sales.

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Dahui1320d ago

Two wii u games in the top three, don't see that every day. Can't wait for xenoblade to come out here.

Neonridr1320d ago

and three inside the top 10. MK8 is close to breaking a million units sold in Japan.

WPX1320d ago

Dayummm. Talk about long legs.

eyeofcore1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

4 Wii U titles in the top 20 charts, 3 of which in top 10 and lowest charted Wii U game is 12th and highest PS4's is on 14th place.

If the same happens like last year then PS platforms will have a considerable/major drop while Nintendo platforms will be steady or a minor drop.

Xenoblade X sold 85.5K first week which outsold Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii which sold 82.9K first week, this does not include digital sales of Xenoblade X which could be 5-10% or maybe more thus 90K to maybe 100K first week.

Concertoine1320d ago

Thats pretty impressive that X beat the first game, even though the Wii had an install base several times bigger than that of the Wii U's in Japan in 2010

NoctisPendragon1320d ago

It means XC made a fan-base , i wonder how many of them did buy XCX and a Wii U just for it .

wonderfulmonkeyman1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

And it also had more competition to go against than the first game did, IIRC, making it all the more impressive.
The original was also physical only, while X is both phys and digi.

It's been the best seller in the Eshop since release, and the quicker loading times for the digital version makes it the more desirable version.
I'm extremely curious to see what the game sold when including bundles and digital into its numbers.
I won't be surprised if it's pushing 100k with those two included.

Also, I dunno why Eyeofcore is getting so many downvotes.
Methinks the mention of Sony left some people mad...
Or it could be that a lot of people just think this game's sales are still a flop (Even though it's anything but), given all the downvotes similar posts are getting.XD

jcnba281320d ago

Great week for the big N!

Big_Game_Hunters1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Is this only physical?

Either way great numbers for japan.

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