Is Nintendo on the verge of something big?

Nintendo's first profit in four years points to the potential of its IP lead strategy.

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andibandit1316d ago

Im wondering if this isnt more a case of lowering forecasts year over year

Germany71316d ago

Nintendo it's fine and i'm happy for it, a lot of people were saying that Nintendo should leave the console market, where are them now?

ScorpiusX1316d ago

Hope so would be nice to see Nintendo be Top dog in the industry again .

subtenko1315d ago

Nintendo wont be top dog again. They are not a company that can please everyone as vastly as competitors. I've had great times but I want a good amount of new things and improvements too....

Mykky1315d ago

You kinda contradict yourself there. If your definition of being top dog is pleasing the majority, Nintendo could likely be the dop dog again as they were with the Wii. The Wii appealed to way more people than PS3 and 360. Most of the dedicated gamers may have chosen PS3 og 360 but there is honestly waaay more casual gamers than hardcore.
Also what you are saying about new things and improvements are not quite true either. I only own a PS4 but I see way more new things and improvements on the Wii U. It may not be graphics, but the gameplay on Nintendo games seem way more fresh and new than what PS4 has delivered so far. I love my PS4 and play it everyday but I don't get what you mean by new things and improvements?

subtenko1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

@Mykky Top dog as in the crowd favorite. PS4 has sold more units than the Wii U, which is why PS4 is the tog dog rather than the Wii U.

Nintendo doesnt have as much variety as ps4 does. PlayStation has more horror games, has as better balance of games with old and new characters, the graphics are there, the price is right.

Handheld gaming sector, I havent looked at the numbers recently but Im guess the DS is the top dog when it comes to mobile gaming (not including smartphones)

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