Project Cars Livery Pack #1 is now live!

As part of our continued dedication to the community, Project CARS players can now download the first in a set of free packs containing vehicle liveries created by YOU, the gamers!

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AmUnRa924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

Nice, more levery's are always welcome. I love to play a bit around with levery's.

I hope that in the near future of Project Cars we can make our OWN levery's.
Come on Slightly Mad Studio's make it happen!!!!

Crazyglues924d ago

yeah being able to make your own, and on consoles OMG that would be so awesome...

I hope they find a way to make that happen, I want to do that more then anything (design my own)

Naga924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

I mean... If you really want that "more than anything", there are other console games where you can do that. Not that this isn't cool.

LifeInNZ924d ago

I've always hated that word..."livery". sounds so try hard.