Why Call of Duty's upcoming female lead matters

MWEB GameZone writes: "When you are represented all the time - Marvel films, DC, etc., focus on white male superheroes - you probably don’t realise what it’s like to not be.

The relationship between your gaming avatar and your in-game behavior matters more than you think."

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CongoKyle1292d ago

The addition of a female character model in H1Z1 comes to mind. Their open world and open mic system has made for a very interesting few weeks.

It definitely matters.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1292d ago

It's going to take more than the addition of a female character to prevent the inevitable decline of the COD franchise.

ShaunF581292d ago

If a woman enjoys gaming and want's more female leads I support it.

Jivesh1292d ago

Mass Effect and other RPG's proved this a long time ago, I love the fact that my Inquisitor can be as brown as I am. This should've existed a long time ago considering how little and interchangeable all CoD characters are.