PS4 and PS3 Top Capcom's Home Console Sales; 3DS Dominates Portables in Latest Fiscal Year

Capcom announced today its financial results for Fiscal Year 2014, and PlayStation Consoles and 3DS led sales for home consoles and portable consoles respectively.

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PaulFiend1315d ago

Unfortunately though Capcom has given PS3 users some shitty ports of RE5, DR2, Asura's Wrath etc. :(

Benjammin251315d ago

What do you mean? I thought Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising 2 played great on PS3.

PaulFiend1315d ago

I mean xbox360 versions of these games have better graphics setting (some of them) and better fps (all of them) than PS3 versions.

For example:

I've checked that myself just to be sure and it is true, unfortunately.
Oh well, it is irrelevant now I guess.

breakpad1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

at least now Capcom come back where you were successful and bring together MOnHun 5 and a port of MOnHUN 3

ShaunCameron1313d ago

Asura's Wrath and Resident Evil 5 played well on the PS3.

PaulFiend1312d ago

I own both xbox360 and PS3 versions of AW and RE5, they run smoother on xbox360. I can compare myself.
And I'm PS fan tbh. :)

PhoenixUp1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Dead Rising 3 would've sold gang busters if it were released on PS4

Hoffmann1315d ago

Yup..lust like that D4 game would have been a bigger success on ps platforms..most likely sunset overdrive as well.

pivotplease1314d ago

Because they aren't really supporting the Vita most likely. If Monster hunter was on vita, for example, Capcom would see even better sales. Too bad it can't be on both.

ninjahunter1314d ago

Im just glad that they are expecting an increase in sales on vita.
Ile take any good news i can get.

nigelp5201314d ago

If Capcom port older games to the Vita its a WIN. Port Power Stone and GigaWing

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