Resistance Retribution: not just another PSP Syphon Filter (Ars-Technica Preview)

Frank Caron writes:

"As great as the PSP Syphon Filter games were, when Sony announced that the developers who made them would be working on the PSP version of Resistance as a third-person shooter, my stomach turned. I instantly thought terrible thoughts of a rush-job reskinning of Dark Mirror with Nathan Hale dropped in place over Gabe Logan. Boy, was I ever wrong. Enter Resistance: Retribution, the best shooter the PSP has yet seen."

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name3775d ago

I can't wait to see how this game turns out. Resisistance is really becoming a family franchise rather than a launch title. How motorstorm 2 does will determine what direction it goes in.

decapitator3775d ago

I will but this on day one only because Bend is behind this.

name3775d ago

Whoa, just read it and he called it "near perfect"

Figboy3775d ago

Sony announced so many first party, exclusive IPs (both old and new) at their E3 conference, but this one instantly had my attention right up there with inFamous.

hands down, those two are probably my most anticipated console and handheld games for next year.

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The story is too old to be commented.