Capcom Planning on Bringing More HD Remasters, More Street Fighter and Monster Hunter iOS/Android

Capcom plan on bringing more HD remasters as well as more entries in their most popular games.

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Etseix1314d ago

Monster Hunter iOS/ Android
yet none to Playstation consoles?!?!!? I have not read the article, but jesus christ,I'm stil lwondering how they left out the PS brand so left out without a MH since several years ago.

FarEastOrient1314d ago

Nintendo paid to get the series on 3DS and crowd went to it.

pivotplease1314d ago

I didn't go to it though. I've just preferred PS portables despite the recent lack of games. Haven't touched one since GBC and GBA days. If they brought back golden Sun I would consider investing in one. Then again the 3DS is due for a replacement soon anyway.

stragomccloud1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

You really might want to reconsider that. I'm a proud Vita owner; however, the 3DS is the best handheld I've ever owned. Anyway, the second screen for quick selecting items is extremely helpful in Monster Hunter! I'm the type that in a rush I accidentally click past the item I need to select, and Monster Hunter 4 makes that problem not a problem.

In any case, don't be a fanboy. Fans follow games not systems. When Final Fantasy went PlayStation, I followed. When Monster Hunter went Nintendo, I followed. When more games started coming to PC, I moved from buying those games on consoles to buying those for my PC. Follow the games my friend. Follow the games. It's our responsibility as gamers to stop the proliferation of staunch stubbornness towards console brands rather than game franchises.

Game on.

PFFT1314d ago

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the last game on that exclusive deal. So hopefully all future entries will be on Sony and MS platforms.

Etseix1314d ago

I was not informed about the deal still goin on, thought it had ended before MH4 project, but oh well, I hope that the next ones come out on Xbox/PS4 as well.

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Sly-Lupin1314d ago

As terrible as the camera is in the PSP and 3DS games, it would be so much worse on mobile platforms. And the input lag would be much less tolerable with a touch screen.

spoonard1314d ago

Monster Hunter HD. Vita. What the HELL is wrong with Capcom?!?

pivotplease1314d ago

Who could disagree. Capcom has been $***ing the bed since the beginning of Monster Hunter. They shut down the PS2 servers kind of early, released G and others exclusively in Japan, brought it to the PSP with only ad-hoc, and then after reskinning the original game a few times they bought in to Nintendo's massive stash of Wii money. It was probably Nintendo's smartest investment of the last half-decade. But Capcom has been garbage since the beginning and imo have hardly budgeted any money into improving the monster hunter franchise for how much money they get out of it.

Cuzzo631314d ago

How about giving us a Mega man remake. Or a X remake. How a bout a Dino Crisis. Hell give me a Contra. Something...

caseh1314d ago

"Hell give me a Contra."

Konami says hi!

Cuzzo631314d ago

Lmaaao. I still want a Contra. And a Symphony of the Night remake. We had some great side scroll games back in the day man.

paul-p19881314d ago

Dino Crisis!!! I'm still waiting for them to release it on the UK PSN Store, one of my favourite PS1 games :)

SouljAx3601314d ago

Resident Evil 5 Remaster so I can play Mercenaries with my PS4 friends.

NarooN1314d ago

I'd love RE5 and RE6 remasters just for Mercs mode.

Ravenheartzero1314d ago

Dragon's dogma remastered. Do it capcom!

Lord_Sloth1314d ago

Came here just to say this. Dogma with a stable frame-rate would be amazing!

That said I'd rather see Dogma Online to get a western release if I had to choose. I still have and play Dogma.

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