Capcom Looking to "Reinforce Digital Download Content" While Making More "Powerful" Internal Games

Capcom recently released their financial reports where the Japanese firm laid out its strategy going forward over the next couple of years.

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marlinfan101265d ago

They say it like they havnt gone crazy with DLC in the past.

chrish19901265d ago

More on disc DLC please...

breakpad1265d ago

what they mean by internal games more powerfull ??..still DLC focusing is pathetic

gantarat1265d ago

Capcom updated million sellers list:

Resident Evil 5 - 6,800,000 (+100,000)
Resident Evil 6 - 6,200,000 (+100,000)
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - 3,400,000 (+700,000)
Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - 2,600,000 (+100,000)
Resident Evil Revelations - 1,400,000 (+100,000)
Resident Evil Revelations 2 - 1,300,000 (NEW)

Septic1265d ago

RE6 sold that much?! Oh dear... -_-'

ShaunCameron1263d ago

Oh dear, indeed. It looks like RE6 might be one of the best-selling flops of all time.

KryptoniteTail1265d ago

Try making Onimusha Tactics 2, DMC5, and any Mega Man game.

2EHO1265d ago

My question is why is this in Wii U section we ALL know Wii U wont be getting any of their games so....

LgbtWarrior1264d ago

fans say they want a return to resident evil roots, but these(reHD n revelations only sell over 1 million. The action oriented residents sell over 6 million. Hmmmm. Yeah if i was capcom id keep going with the action. Most fans crying foul don't put their money where their mouth is.

KryptoniteTail1264d ago

Such low quality bait but I will bite:

First, I don't know about Revelations, I never cared much for it either though it is above 5 & 6, but you cannot expect Resident Evil 1's remaster to sell as much as new games in the series. Not only is there less advertising but Resident Evil Remaster didn't even get physical copies (at least on PS4, that's the version I followed and thusly didn't buy). And you seem to forget how many times across how many platforms Resident Evil 1 has been released on plus a lot of people won't rebuy games. Hell, you aren't even taking into consideration that the first Resident Evil isn't the most beloved; many say that is Resident Evil 2, which would sell even better.

Sorry but your arguments against the oldest, most released and arguably least popular in the original trilogy just don't fly. Capcom didn't handle the remaster's release as it should have for the reasons I explained. Try to be a rational person here.

LgbtWarrior1264d ago

Sorry but the numbers don't lie . Can't argue with facts krypronite.