Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China Review | GameCloud Australia

Bernadette Russell at GameCloud Australia writes:

"Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China was pretty to look at, as short as I’d expected (5 hours with several reloads) but missing the soul of a good AC game: the gripping narrative. I honestly tried to care about the box and Asian Lara’s vengeance, but it had no substance. If a game doesn’t grip me with its story, then it has to be the one thing games are designed to be: entertaining. Personally I felt it failed that too. Other titles have shown how fun and engaging a 2D platform can be, this just had too many elements not reaching their potential and leaving me disappointed. I’d have been happy with a challenge at least, but as the game attempted to increase the difficulty I’d use the design flaws and apply them all the way to the end, ensuring an easy run. I’m looking to next quarter to see what they can do with instalments two and three, and how they can bring this story back to the gripping narrative it should be."

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