Battlefield Hardline’s First DLC Will Launch With 4 Maps Total, 2 Night Maps, & More Destructon

MP1st - According to Visceral Games Multiplayer Producer Zach Mumbach, Hardline’s first expansion, included in all Premium memberships, will introduce four new multiplayer maps — a standard affair — two of which will be night maps. “Not, like, re-do’s of the main game, but, like, two brand new night maps,” he said.

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Meltic1320d ago

I hope its free beacuse we got a half game with hardline... more destruction with paid DLC is crazy..

Dirtnapstor1320d ago

Yes I too am throwing up a question mark. I was expecting a bit more per unit of DLC. But as far as the core, you do realize there is a SP campaign right?

Meltic1319d ago

yeah but im most into the MP with BF and COD. The SP in BF was not good.

caseh1320d ago

Waaaooow, more destruction but in the dark. I'm going to file this one under hmmmm, not interested!

xPiffGaming1320d ago

I love this game but it desperately need new maps and guns

jdiggitty1320d ago

Everybody on my friends list has abandoned the game. Literally zero out of 122 are playing this besides me and I'm a late starter.

xPiffGaming1319d ago

I run with a clan and we play everyday. If you need someone to run with drop your PSN.but besides clan members I have 400 ppl inn my friends and there wwilill usually be 1 or 2 others playing hardline. That's it. Hopefully premium will change that

bondsmx1320d ago

If you look in game at the premium content, it says this expansion will release on June 30th. Which is a Tuesday, so I kinda believe it. Haven't seen a date tossed around yet, thought I'd say something.