Nintendo Have Managed to Flog 10.5 Million Amiibo's; North America Taking 66% of Shipments

Nintendo have managed to shift over 10 million Amiibo figurines with North America taking around two-thirds of all shipments.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1320d ago

A large amount of them were taken up by scalpers, and freaks like that one guy who bought up thousands of dollars worth of Rosalina Amiibos just so others could not get any.XD

Having said that, I'm hoping those reports of Nintendo replenishing stock of Amiibos is going to entail LARGE restocking efforts.
The port strike is over now, IIRC, so it should be possible unless either the strike hasn't ended or something else is strangling supply lines.

Tapani1320d ago

Where's your proof and data to back up what you said? Or did you just make it up?

I'm convinced by the numbers that Nintendo has truly hit a very old goldmine here. Maybe some of you chaps weren't born when Nintendo's core business was to sell toys, but sometimes, that's exactly what you do to re-invent your business.

If Nintendo is truly starting to diversify their IPs to new platforms even further, and eventually put them on Linux and iOS, then it might be a good time to buy the stock now. This in mind, however, I doubt they will be coming back to the home console business with a more sizable R&D budget than the Wii U had.

I wonder when the board will wake up in terms of how much market share they lost in some of their "later" core businesses, such as home console market in this cycle, and replace the CEO and change the DNA of the company to a more international, transparent and finely-tuned approach, like Sony did.

Good numbers, nonetheless. Gratz to good ol' Nintendo! Cheers!

wonderfulmonkeyman1320d ago

I was being more snarky than literal, dude.
Surely you remember the Scalper reports and the Rosalina news tidbit?
Both were stories on this very site.XD

Summons751320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

I managed to grab the girl and boy Splatoon Amiibo :) Though the Squid only comes in a 3 pack which is impossible to find...and that's the one I really wanted. Still on my mission to collect all the Zelda Amiibo's. Just need the last one which doesn't come out until fall.

Infinity_Rasta1320d ago

I like how the eu get less then 15%, not to memtion what Denmark gets out of that, but still i can down a buy pretty much all the amiibos if i want, even the rarest ones last over 3 month before being sold out here, and then you can still the 1 or 2 of them is some shops.

spicelicka1320d ago

Can't believe they sell this shit