Splatoon Costs Just $35 in Europe

This morning, Nintendo had its brand new Nintendo Direct on Splatoon. Immediately after the Nintendo Direct, Splatoon went up on the eShop for pre-order. The game will cost a full regular retail price of $59.99 in the United States. This is rather weird, as the game is much cheaper all across Europe.

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VideoChums1321d ago

Meanwhile, it's $69.99 in Canada...

Ol_G1319d ago

it's still €40 over here nowhere near $35

Mykky1319d ago

"(...)as the game is much cheaper all across Europe." What a bunch of BS. €55 here in Norway

Svinya1319d ago

And 69 canadian dollars are exactly the same as 59 US dollars, so boo hoo...

deadfrag1321d ago

No it costs 35euros in Europe and ¥25 to 30 pounds in Uk if you make the $ conversion we will finally have a game that costs the same in US an EU.

paleselan11321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

*Accidental comment* can't delete

acekaze1320d ago

Dunno whats all the noise about, European gamers usually pay 10-20€ more in every single game we buy than americans, and I you arent seing Europeans crying over price, plus, american people have a higher paycheck than most european countrys, for exemple my country has a minimal paycheck of 500€ per month.

SimonSmith1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

In Australia it is $79.95, the pricing needs to be more co-coordinated around the world.

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