Final Fantasy XV Release Date? More Deus Ex...? What's Square Enix's Hand at E3?

What is going to happen at this year's E3 for Square Enix? We look at their hand as part of E3 Thursday on My Games Lounge a series continuing each week in the run up to E3 2015.

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rosscoffx1264d ago

It is about ****ing time for it right? Considering the demo is of a high standard it surely can't be that far away.

Magicite1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Im holding on not buying PS4, because my PS3 JRPG backlog is big, but FF15 would force my hand.

Square Enix has probably most anticipated games in the works now:
FF15, KH3, Star Ocean, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Deus Ex, Just Cause and more...dayum!

Hanso1264d ago

seems like we have the same taste..
you should also check out Bloodborne if you get a ps4!!

Bollnassoki1263d ago

Rosscoffx yepp i agree its about time for some date.

Magicite i love only one of them it is Final fantasy 15...
Hahaha here in sweden i gather everyday pant cans or bottles so i can buy PS3 again cus i miss FF13 part 1 and 3. Lightning rocks.

TheGavofWar1264d ago

I think you maybe right about a Hitman and I see no reason why they wouldnt remaster Just Cause

Agent_00_Revan1264d ago

Very excited for Square this year. Many big games I want to see from them. Especially since the announcement of Deus Ex.

tidusforeverx21264d ago

Square has already stated that there will be very little presence of ffxv at e3 this year. Advertisement and promotion of the retail release of the game will start at gamescon this year. We might be lucky enough to see some Kingdom Hearts Though. I personally hope they do Kingdom Hearts Full Remix including DDD for PS4

rosscoffx1264d ago

They don't need much presence just put the date on the screen and we're all happy!!

Nice username BTW. Tidus is awesome, looking forward to FFX on PS4 this month. Sphere Grid myself silly once again!

Nucler1001264d ago

I neeeed that release date.

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