New High Quality Image and Short Clip of "Leaked" PS4 MediEvil Appear Online

The games cabin:

Could MediEvil be making a comback? If these recent "leaks" are to be believed then maybe. Earlier we saw a short clip and a couple of fuzzy images but we now have a brand nee.clip and a high quality image just begging to be scrutinised by the gaming community. - TGC


Video was removed, new video added to article. If a mod would like to add it here please do.

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Thatguy-3101264d ago

Let's not leak stuff!!! I'm psyched they're bringing the franchise back. E3 is going to be good this year!

DarkOcelet1264d ago

Oh man, this is amazing. We might also get The Last Guardian finally and couple more old school sequels and new ip's. Cant wait....

Here is hoping Syphon Filter 4 is in the works.

Aloy-Boyfriend1264d ago

Maan too many PlayStation classics I want to return. Imagine if, along with this, Sony announces they brought Crash back. E3 will explode.

nicksetzer11264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Hmm, Medieval was not really good. (at least I personally didn't think so) I would much rather see almost any other OG Playstation exclusive get a re-release. TOMBA!, Croc, ape escape, a GOOD spyro sequel, a GOOD crash sequel, parappa the rappa, syphon filter, twisted metal, Legend of Legaia, etc, etc, etc. I think many people aren't remembering this game correctly.

This gets me about as excited as rare wasting their time on battletoads when there are so many other MUCH better classics. That is just me being selfish though, I guess a lot of people like battletoads and medieval?

blitz06231264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Wow this gen is really shaping up to be similar to the PS1/2 gen. Just need Square's return to form with FFXV and KH3

Ron_Danger1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )


I'll correct you cause you're wrong. MediEvil was one of the best third person games of it's time. Way to pull out a stretched out emulator vid of the very first level. You failed to mention things about the game like the Stained Glass window Knight or the level where you shrink to the size of an ant and enter an ant hill to fight an entire army of ants including the queen. Or that you got a new piece of armor or weapon after each level assuming you found the items. All of these things being way ahead of their time at the time.

You seem way too jaded by current game standards. That or you are way too young and never played the original.

nicksetzer11264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

@ron What exactly are you correcting? I gave MY opinion, are you saying my opinion is incorrect? I am glad you think this is exciting news, doesn't change that I didn't like the game though...

People also say battletoads is the best ____ of it's time. To which i would disagree. I just think there are much better game in both rare and sony's classic games collections that what they are choosing.

also "You failed to mention things about the game like the Stained Glass window Knight"

But I DID post a video that shows that boss fight.... Didn't realize I had to "mention" it...

gangsta_red1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

I played the first MediEvil but never the second.

Was never really a big fan of this series. I would love for a classic like Toshiden to come back.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Syphon filter 4 needs to come back.

Ron_Danger1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )


Well considering you steath edited your entire original post convieniently after I posted my comment (where you bashed MediEvil and said "correct me if I'm wrong" and posted an 8 minute vid of a guy playing a stretched out emulator of the first level but now suddenly there's a 28 minute vid instead) then my comment is now pointless....

Way to not stick with your original post coward.

morganfell1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

If this is true its bigger than some people realize. Not just the actual game itself but as a symbol of game diversity and Sony fan service. MediEvil was a very much loved title. Sony's willingness to return to the current gen a vaunted and well liked icon would be another memorable feather in their cap, tool in the chest, and a weapon in the arsenal.


There are persons on this board that regularly enter Sony threads to post disruptive comments. Their only goal is to attempt to downplay positive Sony news. They have conducted these actions with such regularity they are as transparent as a cubic foot of hot air. Objective debate isn't their goal.

Usually their comments are something similar to: "I never cared for that game", or "That game didn't really interest me" as if their menial dislikes add anything useful to the discussion. Such remarks demonstrate a disproportionate sense of self importance.

nicksetzer11264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

@ron You sir are truly insane. At no point did my comment say anything other than what it does now. Look at EVERY comment I have ever posted. When I make a change I explicitly put "EDIT:" followed by the change.

You claim all these changes were made, yet your comment was posted 15 minutes after mine, there is only a 10minute span for edits .... So how exactly does one "stealth edit" a comment that can't be changed?

The only change that was made was the video, which I changed before reading your comment. and most likely before you even starting writing your comment. I changed it to a better quality, still the same content. (first level)

Are you suggesting that changing from a lower quality video somehow makes the game better??

The only one who is stealth editing is you, by creating false delusions and adding claims that never existed. You say I said "correct me if I am wrong" yet where exactly would I have said that? Where would that have fit in? Since you remember it all so clearly I will wait to hear. Some of you people on here are unbelievable.

EDIT: Lucky you there is not a single cache of this page other than google. I will be sure not to make that mistake again, apparently if you are a driveling fanboy you have to take screenshots of your post in order to be believed.

1. I own a PS4 and can come into and have an opinion on news relevant to it. I just as frequently post dissapointments with MS, in fact in the same EXACT comment, battletoads was mentioned in conglomeration.
2. You love to blow things out of proportion, in fact, to a point that is completely hypocritical. To be clear, what I am saying is, YOU blindly decide people who have another opinion are fanboys.
3. ironically, the majority of your comments are wasted claiming that people with opinions other than you own are "known fanboys" and that you are some omnipotent being in charge of making this judgement.

Also, By "usually" I am assuming you mean once? Can you name some other games that I was not interested in, SIMPLY because it was a sony game?

Th funniest thing OF ALL? You say:
"as if their menial dislikes add anything useful to the discussion. Such remarks demonstrate a disproportionate sense of self importance."

Yet, you constantly claim your like/dislikes in comment sections. Are you claiming you are knowingly wasting your time and everyone elses? Or are you claiming that your likes/dislike are not menial? Either way I believe you have just proven yourself to be what you are attempting to project on others.

mikeslemonade1264d ago

Nick, how about forfeit your alternate accounts?

Now I think in almost a year I finally agree with something you said. Medievil wasn't that good. I played the originals when they came out. Meta score is 80, 79, and 66.

But it's another exclusive that will make the PS4 even more compelling because the action-adventure genre is slightly lacking.

SoapShoes1264d ago

I have Medievil Resurrection on my Vita and PSTv. I'm stoked this might come back!!

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sinncross1264d ago

I dont want to jump the gun and believe this is 100% legit but a new MediEvil on PS4 would be a really awesome announcement.

I look forward to E3 or even the Paris event and hopefully this is announced.!

RJ920091264d ago

Omg yes yes now make a new tomba and legend of dargoon also a new warhawk and last but not least ape escape.

DVAcme1264d ago

Holy crap, Tomba! I think Tomba would be huge now, cause the mechanics of that game were quite ahead of their time. And with Sony's amazing media machine these days, they'd be able to give a new Tomba the exposure and publicity it'd need to be a success.

RJ920091264d ago

Right? What was the company that made it? Is it a Sony iP or third party?

styferion1264d ago

I'd literally cry if tomba gets a new game.

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