Turok: Dinosaur Hunter to receive a PC re-release

Classic 1997 shooter Turok: Dinosaur Hunter looks like it will be getting a re-release on PC.

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user74029311315d ago

my top 10 favorite of all time! amazing, i love the dinos it brings so much nostalgia.

3-4-51315d ago

* It was such a scary game to play with the raptors popping out of the fog from almost nowhere. The atmosphere, the sound, the was a really unique game for the time.

ThinkThink1315d ago

That game blew my mind when I first saw it at E3. Back then I remember thinking "The trees look photo-realistic, I can see the bark!"

xTheMercenary_1315d ago

Imagine going back in time with a ps4 and a copy of the order. Everybody would have a heart attack lol.

Randostar1315d ago

And nothing to play it on. HD was non-existent back then.

Concertoine1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )


Dreamcast was playable in 480p via VGA although very few tvs had it back then. There was also a time when 480p was "HD". Turok was around the same time.

Tsubasa-Oozora1315d ago

LOL Japan had HD since the 80's

xTheMercenary_1315d ago

@Randostar ohh shit forgot lol ok bring a hd tv with a hdmi cable also.

MWH1315d ago

if you ever found a way going back, take me with you.

MWH1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

I thought and felt the same. it was ahead of its time. remember some of the weapons effects? jaw dropping.

games were genuinely fun and simplicity was king.

KiwiViper851315d ago

That's great news. I would prefer a remake tho, hope it makes it to consoles...

shloobmm31315d ago

Would be awesome if was Turok 2 seeds of evil. To this day the cerebral bore weapon is unmatched.

franwex1315d ago

Cool! I would love to see a Turok 2! Cerebral bore online!

FunAndGun1315d ago

One of the greatest weapons, in like, ever!

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The story is too old to be commented.