Gamespot: E3 2008: Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Hands-On

The overall premise of this title is that you have moved to an island town but the Mother Tree has disappeared. What do you do? You make friends, raise animals and build friendships and a family. You can choose either a male or female when you begin, eventually you'll have a family and a child and your child can inherit what you've built if you decide to play the game over again once you've completed the story mode. Now on the Wii, your farming can be done by using the Wii remote motion controls for tools such as a sickle, hammer or watering can. Things can get tiring if you're swinging the remote all day, so there are tool upgrades that allow you to cover a wider range. If you really don't feel like moving, there are corresponding buttons for all your farming needs.

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