Yooka-Laylee: Is It Time For The Return of 3D Platformers?

Dan Curtis of Factory Sealed writes: Around a week ago, a bunch of veteran game developers and masterminds created a Kickstarter page. What happened afterwards proved one thing: gamers are crying out for the return of a forgotten genre.

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iplay1up21291d ago

Yes! It would be great to have a huge world to explore with areas to unlock. Mario64/Sunshine/Bajo Kazooie/Conker's Bad Fur Day etc....those were good times.

Now with the newer consoles games like this should really POP!

KiwiViper851291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Like a Pixar movie in FullHD

mikeslemonade1291d ago

Yes! Please give so many 3D platformers. I don't even care if they are shitty or rehashed.

bouzebbal1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Where have you people been hiding for the past 7 years? We got a Ratchet every year, Sly, Mario, Jak and many more.
Yooka is a proof that platformers are going nowhere when you see how fast it reached the kickstarter..

breakpad1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

yes of course it is... but why so much talking and so much surprise from a promising 3d platformer like Yooka lalee and not KNack which is already released , its solid ,well made and plays extremely well??? ..oohh i see it s exclusive...and the majority of COD playing media didnt like it

The Great Melon1291d ago

Check out A Hat in Time. It's another kickstarter platformer that was inspired by all the old Rare platformers. I am really looking forward to its release this year.

Retroman1291d ago

anything but open world shooter games , give them a break PLEASE!!!!

KiwiViper851291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Open world shooter games... i can only think of FarCry4... what else?

Tiqila1290d ago

Borderlands, Just Cause, Dead Island, Arma III, Day Z, H1Z1, ...

not exactly sure if counting as shooter:
inFamous, Saints Row, GTA

Germany71291d ago

Like i said it before in an article, 3D platformers it's one of my favorite genres

contradictory1291d ago

Clearly it is.
also bring back JRPG's damnit!

(i am aware that JRPG's are still being made but they are not that common... and most of the time not that great if you ask me... Atlus and Level-5 still occasionally push out some really good ones and Pokemon obviously too...)

Man_Marmalade1291d ago

jrpg's are still a thing. they never died out.

contradictory1291d ago

that's exactly what i said no?
but seriously it used to be a lake of quality JRPG's but now it's more like a pond with a couple of rainy days once in a while...

The amount of JRPG's on PS2 compared to today is miniscule

Man_Marmalade1290d ago

Jrpg's are plenty common btw

cpayne931290d ago

Really good ones aren't.

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