Check out Project Cars running in 4K at Ultra Settings and have your mind blown

Project Cars is mind blowing in 4K. Brian takes a few laps around the best-looking track in the best-looking car.

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crazychris41241265d ago

Unless you send me a 4k monitor I cant enjoy 4k on my 1080p monitor.

Alucardx031265d ago

Just enjoy the video in 1080p! It still looks really damn good!

tuglu_pati1265d ago

Dat Youtube compression :/

Haru1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Running on 3 Titans x, looks really good just not 3000 dollars good

Th3o1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

When you buy 3 Titans X you know what you'r getting into.

The card is mainly considered a specialty card and usually ages much better than most other cards. Seeing as the card has 12 GB of ram, it is clearly meant for resolutions that are even higher than 4k, or even 3D.

If you can afford 3 Titan Xs you can afford a 4k monitor:P

I myself wanted to buy 1 Titan X but I'll stick with my 780 tis until 1080p60 is no longer possible.


It seems it's quad SLI titans so 4 Titans X.

_-EDMIX-_1265d ago

Piff, thats cause you haven't seen it in 32K bro! 4K looks like crap, I mortgaged the house to play this game in 32K and...I got to tell you, you can see CELLS IN THE GAME!!

Volkama1264d ago

I recommend you write "Sony" on those Titans. It will make them twice as powerful.

_-EDMIX-_1264d ago

@Volkama- though its clear joking, if any GPU was put in either the XONE or PS4 (or any console for that matter) using the same method, it would yield 2x the performance of its listed spec.

GPU's perform based on how the system config is set up, ie slow PCI-bridge, if you could bypass all that and put the chip directly on the board, your talking about a huge increase of performance. Mind you, thats just console for now, but in the future, I expect motherboards to come with 3 sockets, one for the cpu and 2 for GPU's. Dealing with heat, power consumption etc would be an issue, but clearly Sony and MS are not just the only wizards at this. AMD and Nvida will find a way.

Like I stated before, if a HD 7990 was put in normal motherboard, and a HD 7950 was put in to some future motherboard with a gpu socket (ie just the chips) it would perform better then the listed HD 7990.

Its not just about listed numbers, its also about method of installation and performance. ie again, I had a HD 7990, yet had a 2 core CPU, someone else's HD 7990 with a 4 or 6 core cpu would outperform my own.

It again isn't just about 1 number being higher, a bit more goes into it then just that.

KiwiViper851265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

I think the cornering looks really unnatural. The car turns in really quickly then the front wheels snap back into line when you let go of the stick, especially at slower speeds.

That is exactly the problem! It looks like its being driven by a controller, like a remote control car, rather than someone gradually turning a steering wheel. First person might disguise this but 3rd person, how I play my racing games, looks awful, and now that I've noticed it, I will never Un-notice it.

The tennis ball sized spark animations when he hits the wall...

Th3o1265d ago

It might seem that way because he is using a keyboard, might not look like that using analog sticks on a controller.

Many factors can be at play, sensitivity, keyboard etc.

Alucardx031265d ago

Nah, I was using a gamepad in the video. It's really twitchy looking.

Rookie_Monster1265d ago

Have your "mind blown" in lovely, shiny 4096P. Just incredible on PC!!

paddy951265d ago

Meh, has nothing on Mario kart 8.

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The story is too old to be commented.