Black Desert Online is Free: How You Can Play in the Japanese Beta Test

A complete guide on how to play in the Japanese Beta program for Black Desert Online, available today.

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ROQFrost1142d ago

Very nice, I'm gonna have to try this.

Stevefantisy1142d ago

This game keeps blowing up I might need to try this.

DonkeyDoner1142d ago

most wanted mmo since last year!!!

JoeIsMad1142d ago

I'm ready to play right now. Looks like it's online in about 10 minutes!

GamerzElite1142d ago

i already playing Korean version with english patch.

Jacktrauma1142d ago

Oh man! This is gonna be sweet! Hope it's not all looks and bad gameplay/concept

ThunderPulse1142d ago

This game should just be available for NA already.

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