Pantheon Rise of The Fallen Status Update: Alpha 1 in The Works

It has been a while since we have heard from the team at Visionary Realms, but as we all know in the gaming industry when the chatter on the net gets quiet it only means that the team must be hard at work.

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JoeIsMad1319d ago

Holy crap that game looks good. I've never seen something that looks so close to the concept art before.

Stevefantisy1319d ago

I know when I saw these shots I was blown away.

Stevefantisy1319d ago

I really think Pantheon RotF needs a second chance if the proof is not in the pudding yet I don't know what people need to prove to them this game has really turned around.

Jacktrauma1319d ago

It's so rare to see concept art come through with such an exact look. That's really awesome!