PS4 Edition of Rocket League Will Get Free DLC Post-Launch; Dev Talks Weather Effects & More

Psyonix talk free DLC, paid DLC and more on the phenomenal Rocket Leauge on PS4.

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JMaine518954d ago

Nice! Played the beta with low expectations and came out with the confirmation that I'm getting this day 1. So damn fun

chrish1990954d ago

Same! I wrote it off as "another crap indie" yet it became my go-to game. I even put bloodborne aside for a few days. Day 1 indeed.

nX953d ago

It doesn't even feel like an indie game, there's more quality gameplay and polish in it than in many other AAA games. A must-have for every PS4 owner if you ask me, especially because of the local 4-player modes.

RAM0N 954d ago

This game is addictive

OUROSMAG953d ago

Was seriously surprised by how much fun this game was, will be picking it up without a doubt.

XanderZane953d ago

Never heard of it. Also, not all the DLC will be free. I'll check it out if a demo is released.

Devs say, "…Other DLC, on the other hand, we will most likely charge for."

nX953d ago

Doesn't matter, the game is worth every cent and I'll gladly support them with DLC.

paul-p1988953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

I was so excited to get in the beta for this, I LOVED Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battlecars (still the best name for a game EVER lol) and this just somehow improves on every aspect of the original. I think I spent about 15hrs playing the beta over the one week, didn't play a single other game because it was just so much fun!

Day one purchase for me definitely :)