GamesAsylum - State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition - Review

GamesAsylum: "When it launched in 2013 Undead Labs’ State of Decay was a shining example of just how far the Xbox Live Arcade platform had come.

The first batch of XBLA titles were simple affairs that could hardly be classed as system sellers (Hardwood Backgammon, anybody?) but over time the Xbox’s downloadable titles became substantial to the point where some could easily rival full price retail releases in terms of content. What could be more substantial than an open-world zombie survival game with resource management and tower-defence elements? We fail to think of an answer.

Sadly, State of Decay was also a good example of how some games can be too ambitious for their own good. Some ideas felt malnourished or weren’t explained fully, forcing newcomers to make some rather punishing mistakes in the case of the latter. Nevertheless, it was heralded as a ‘diamond in the rough’ by many. Even an abundance of glitches and a few technical niggles couldn’t scupper what it had to offer – a curiously addictive package that wasn’t just about thinning crowds of zombies by any means necessary; there was a remarkable sense of creating a community too. Love thy neighbour, then head out and kill zombies together"

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