New Assassin's Creed Teaser Picture Confirms Victorian Setting, Includes Dickens Quote and More

Today Ubisoft teased the reveal of a new Assassin’s Creed game, and a new teaser picture includes some interesting details.

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thekhurg1288d ago

Unity had a rough start, but ended up being a very fun AC game. Hopefully they can come strong in quality right away and continue to deliver interesting gameplay.

Grap1288d ago

IT's not fun if you have sub 30FPS game to play. no i am not graphic wh*re but it's not enjoyable to play a game in 20 fps even sometimes less.

saber000051287d ago

Wait what? As one who's played all their games and played Unity, I thought that game absolutely sucked. Broken beyond many ways and was piss poor.

Iceman_Nightmare1287d ago


bixxel1287d ago

From what we can see of the triler...
-The eagle-headed cane sword on the right hand (=right handed sword fighter and left handed blade user like all AC games). Also the cane sword being concealed means they're (devs) targeting on social stealth (along with the disguise stuff from Kotaku leak back in January)

-Samuel Fey (Let's just call him that for now...) weilds A SINGLE HIDDEN BLADE like Arno or Altair on the left hand.

-On the left wrist you can see that... thing (shoots poison darts?).

-Fighting will also include the use of fists (Metal plates over finger bones on the left hand and brass knuckles on the right hand) Also proves that the assassin doesn't rely too much on brute force (I could be wrong).

-Also there are metal strips on the SIDE of the left hand. Meaning: You'll block incoming attacks with the left hand and fight with the right hand sword and most probably use the hidden blade with the sword during fighting) (For some strange reason these remind me of Batman Arkham games....)

-The official assassin insignia is slightly different from the previous 'victory insignia'.

-Graphics: Notice how realistically the water drips down the hidden blade and also from the eagle beak-tip of the cane? Also the reflections and the close up details look really better than Unity already (Hoping all of that's in-game).

Relientk771288d ago

London could be interesting. I hope we see Jack the Ripper

Jalva1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

I swear, some people think that Jack the Ripper was the only person who existed during the Victorian era...

He was just some random serial killer who's identity was never known, it would be cringey for Ubisoft to just label some random guy as Jack the Ripper, I do think that it would be a cool idea to have some murder mystery side mission involving his killings, although it should conclude with him not being found.


Oh please lol, the Assassin's Creed lore is already dumb enough as it is.

KiwiViper851288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

The reason he was never found was because he was killed and disposed of by Assassins... obviously.

gangsta_red1288d ago

It'll be funny when it's revealed to be exactly as Kiwi said in the game's story.

Immorals1288d ago

Didn't they Id him last September?

Some mental Polish guy!

Ripsta7th1287d ago

What if he was a templar :o

DragonKnight1287d ago

Jack The Ripper's identity has been proven. He was a Polish man long suspected of being Jack.

ginsunuva1287d ago

He was actually Lord Hastings the vampire.

hasamalaha1287d ago

Dragon, I wouldn't say that it was proven. That was something some random author determined (yes, he worked with a DNA specialist) and initially published in a tabloid. It has never been peer-reviewed and several experts have criticized it.

Conzul1287d ago

"The Ripper"
was actually the queen's personal physician, and a freemason. He got away with quite a lot because his status granted him near-impunity to scrutiny or inquiry.

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Perjoss1287d ago

Not really a big AC fan, not since after the first one anyway, but I'm a Londoner so this could be really interesting. Plus I've been loving some Bloodborne since it came out and really liking the Victorian style setting.

KiwiViper851288d ago

Can't wait for my yearly AC fix.

All the things that haters complain about don't matter to me. I'm all about the gameplay.

camel_toad1288d ago

The gameplay is the biggest problem. The free-running is still bad in the series.

KiwiViper851288d ago

It was a new system in Unity, It'll be polished this time around.

Eamon1288d ago

No the missions are the biggest problem. They've been getting stale since Revelations with AC4 being the only exception.

_-EDMIX-_1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Good for you. I don't really think yearly games are that bad as this game has a different team every cycle, its merely a yearly IP I would say.

IF anything I would say marketing it is harder every year. In the respect that they don't have enough time to market the title prior to release.

and Agreed with Kiwi, new engines always have those rough starts, this next game will be fine.

methegreatone1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Oh we're all about the gameplay. Unless they find a way to make AC actually feel exciting and fresh, it's a problem.

The freerunning especially. It's reached a point where you are basically spiderman. Hold down a button and make impossible jumps and climbs for days. That's not fun anymore, and more importantly, not exciting, it's meaningless and boring in a way. The answer to making freerunning more exciting is not simply ramping everything up to 11.
The animations look good, yes, but that's about it. Unless they really make some changes, I'll never really be interested in AC games a whole lot. If they follow the same philosophy as COD, then their games aren't going to be very exciting.

Now compare COD to Battlefield. Couple of games, then complete change - completely new feel to gameplay, new story, new engine, new everything ! That's why BF3 was so exciting.

Wii_nes_0071288d ago

After Unity Screwbisoft can suck my hairy bean bag

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