Sony Ericsson sees net profits fall 97%, looks to cut 2,000 jobs

Sony Ericsson warned the world just over a fortnight ago that things wouldn't be too rosy when it came time to announce Q2 results, and rosy things are not. Even though the handset maker was hoping and praying to break even at the end of the quarter, net profits ended up falling through the floor to the tune of 97%.

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toughNAME3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

I wasn't even aware they were making Final Fantasy XIII Mobile Edition

3713d ago
AlterEgo3714d ago

Design better phones dammit!

the XPERIA looks nice (i'll probably get it)

but they haven't matched a handset like the s710a since it came out...

even thought I bought the w810 after i ran thru 3 s710a models...

Still...I've found no other phones I liked.

XPERIA here I come

C_SoL3714d ago

make cheaper phones too..........their phones are too damn expensive.......Even a iPhone is cheaper then most sony phones.

iHEARTboobs3714d ago

That was my last phone. Loved it!

AlterEgo3713d ago

@ C_Sol, you know what? You're absolutely right. I forgot that the s710a I bought was 500 BUCKS at launch EVEN WITH a 2 yr-contract renewal! I had to have it though so I bought it and it got I bought a replacement from ebay for a 'liiiiiitttle' less...

Start with a cheaper price and I'm all over it

@ iHEARTboobs, ahhh man...I still have mine, but recently had to switch providers so I can no longer use it... I still use the camera though. It's still a notch above most camera-phones out even NOW

testerg353714d ago

And who got on MS 6% fall?

juuken3713d ago

This is about a phone. MS's losses probably stemmed from the 360 and the RROD.


Aclay3714d ago

I've never been a big fan of Sony's phones,I just don't like the design of most of the Sony Ecrisson phones that much, but Sony makes some damn good Digital Camera's, HDTV's, Laptops, and of course Gaming consoles.

Vojkan3713d ago

2 expensive phones and very ugly, sorry Sony (Ericsson)

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The story is too old to be commented.