Risen 3 PS4 [email protected]/30; New Screenshots Available

RIsen 3 PS4 will run at [email protected], as confirmed by publisher Deep Silver. Check out some screenshots, the new logo and the packshot!

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Festano1112d ago

From the screenshots it looks like a good RPG, too bad for the 30 fps but should not give problems of this kind.

Imp0ssibl31112d ago

Indeed, 30 FPS are fine for the genre

Alexious1112d ago

Too bad the game isn't exactly awesome. Still, there aren't many fantasy RPGs on PS4

rdgneoz31111d ago

It might not be the best in the world, but it's dropping for a decent price ($40) where you have other games like remasters or GOTY editions dropping for $60.

If they move it up a week or two, they might do better seeing as there's not much out around August and MGS / Mad Max drop on Sept 1st.

shloobmm31111d ago

This is a horrible game. Loved the gotbic series and Risen 1 but 2 and 3 have been terrible.

Christopher1111d ago

***there aren't many fantasy RPGs on PS4***

Aren't many fantasy RPGs in general on 8th gen consoles... It's not a PS4 lacking thing. Sadly, most RPGs on PC even today are really more strategy games than they are RPGs. Gotta love the heck out of Pillars of Eternity, though. Thank you, Obsidian.

_-EDMIX-_1111d ago

@Chris- agreed, but expect Pillars of Eternity to have a PS4 or XONE release, hell Wasteland 2 is getting a PS4 and XONE release. Self-publishing is making it easy to bring those titles over

Christopher1111d ago

@_-EDMIX-_: Day One if it happens.

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Mostafeto1112d ago

30 fps isn't that much of a problem and this game isn't that popular tho so it won't make a difference either haha

ThunderPulse1111d ago

How can a remake not be in 60FPS?

porkChop1111d ago

It's not a remake or remaster. It's basically an updated edition of the PC version with all DLC included.

shloobmm31111d ago

Updated edition of a pc version that launched almost a year ago.....hmm so basically a remaster.

_-EDMIX-_1111d ago

Because the team didn't want to lower quality to achieve it....

Thats developer dependent you know....

Imalwaysright1111d ago

Devs have to make a choice between graphical fidelity and fps because the hardware forces them to make it, not because they want to make it. If it was up to them the game would be 60 FPS without having to lower quality just like the PC version.

sigfredod1111d ago

because actually this is an upgraded version of the pc release, it has higher res textures

UNCyrus1111d ago

The development team is literally 20 guys in a house in Berlin. The fact that they can make a massive open world RPG and nail it down at a stable framerate is amazing.

Alexious1111d ago

Yes, they're a very small studio, though nowadays small studios can achieve amazing things.

Shineon1111d ago

Ps3 must be holding the Ps4 back on this game,they need to stop developing for Ps3 so this game can truly shine and show us what this gen 8th is all about :) This game ain't even on ps3 and yet it still manage to be affected by it, rediculous man just rediculous

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