Fan Petition asks Square Enix to Release Mobius Final Fantasy on PS Vita

The latest attempt to bring change is directed towards Square Enix and their new Final Fantasy game which is to release on iOS and Android later this year in Japan.

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Iltapalanyymi1318d ago

i also asked for this via the square enix survey.
i really hope this happens. i hate mobile "gaming"

Summons751318d ago

Skip vita, just digital PSN download to my ps4.

Summons751318d ago

Sure, crossbuy is never a bad option :) Forgot about that.

DonkeyDoner1318d ago

@Summons75 its f2p crossbuy invalid

Blastoise1318d ago

Mobius looks awful in every way besides graphics. Give me Final Fantasy 12 HD already

hkgamer1318d ago

would still like to give the game a try.

ff12 i have played it to death, would liketo try zodiac and playing it on vita would be incredible but at this moment in time i would want to play a new game. i have too many ps2/ps1 games on my vita already.

hkgamer1318d ago

with the resolution, and it beinh played in portrait mode i guess it would be tough to change it to a vita game.

i would like to say that the trailers shown makes landscape look so much better than portrait, you can see so much from the sides.

Cy1318d ago

Eh, mobile ports are generally terrible. I'd much rather they just make a FF game specifically developed for the Vita.

paul-p19881318d ago

They had that chance, and all the fans wanted it, but the much more obvious solution was to port a PSP game to a next-gen console without doing much work to it because Square, THATS WHY!!

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The story is too old to be commented.