Silence Follows Dev Signing Away $90,000 Greed Monger Kickstarter

Amanda French writes: "Appleton stressed in his update that he is not being paid at all by James Proctor or Joel Hager, nor is he expecting a payment in the future. He states that his sole interest is in ensuring the game's future. He strongly feels that Proctor, with his ability to program and actually develop the game, is very important, also citing Proctor's passion for the project. Interesting, since Proctor had apparently quit the team unexpectedly (no date given as to when), but apparently that occurred over creative differences with Appleton."

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slinky1234561230d ago

Sadly this is the issue with so many Kickstarters.
Kickstarter should really make contracts with people who sign up for the service to get the promised assignment done eventually. Sure there will be problems with making a contract with Kickstarter, but there has just been too many backers getting screwed over for broken promised kickstarters. I think that's a bigger issue than KS making a contract with the people who use the service.

ThunderPulse1230d ago

KS definitely should change something before people stop giving money to projects.

hasamalaha1230d ago

This is really no different than an investor putting money into a company. Or giving money to charity.

There is no guarantee of success. If things don't work out, you made a bad investment.

KryptoniteTail1230d ago

Horrible idea. We don't want to bog down the process and scare away potential projects. The key to Kickstarter is its ease of use and simple concepts. Like an idea? Invest. Have an idea? Propose. No strings attached. What you're asking will make it incredibly annoying for small projects. Maybe, just MAYBE if a project hits or exceeds $1,000,000 but that is the only compromise I can see.

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