Final Fantasy XIII Does Not Depend on PS3 Sales

As we all know, havoc and dismay and a lot of questions ensued after Square Enix's big surprise at E3, many pinning Square Enix's decision on the lower install base of the PS3 (14 Million) compared to the Xbox 360 (19 Million). However, a glance at last generation sales trends for sequels, this assumption is not accurate.

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morganfell3802d ago

It does period. Square has made a gross error. Most 360 fans only care about the game being on the 360, they don't care about buying it.

Square is looking at industry reaction and feeling good rather than what predicted sales will be. Once the brouhaha has died down and the 360 continues to fall further behind in monthly sales as well as validity as a console, Square is going to start to get a bad feeling in the pit of their gut.

PoSTedUP3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

like around 50% of ff sales are in japan. 360 version not coming to japan.

its timed exclusive to ps3 for almost a year.

FF vs. 13 is still exclusive and it completes the franchise.

sony has a small share in square enix.

these are the reasons why it will not hurt sony that much, it will still move ps3's (maybe not as many) but not that much less than it would have if it were still exclusive. i dont think the 360 version will sell as much copys as the ps3 version.

Dark vader3802d ago

Does it really matter? let's just move pass this already. Every ps3 fan will buy the game for the ps3, i know i will. This game may not be release for another year and half.

StayHigh3802d ago

I really want this game to release early but i doubt it be in one year..We talkin about late 2010 at least..If their is no delays..

It takes forever for FF game to come out..

Avto3802d ago

Not only in Japan I mean like 50% of sales will come from Japan so it does depend on PS3 sales.

Playstation Man3802d ago

More Xbox lovers realize it's still PS3 exclusive in Japan and begin to understand that as far as the console war goes, their console still loses. In terms of 360 gamers and this game in NA and EU, they're just happy it's not PS3 exclusive anymore. They won't buy it, they'll just use it as bragging rights.

Good work Square! Way to piss off your fans, make a useless port, compress and disable a potential killer-app for an inferior console to be able to run it and continue to make long-time fans like me cheer on Level 5 and the potential of White Knight Story kicking FFXIII's a$$. That said, I still am looking forward to this, but this was a bad move by Square and bad for Microsoft if they paid ubber-cash to get this to jump enemy lines.

gaffyh3802d ago

Totally agree with morganfell, bubbles to you. The want the same thing with MGS4

Sayai jin3802d ago

Jamie Fox where do you live?

CrazzyMan3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

But in the rest world...

Games that coming till the end of spring 2009.

1. Resistance 2 - FPS
2. Little Big Planet - Inovation/Platform
3. Socom Confrontation - FPS
4. Afrika - Relaxing
5. Valkyria Chronicles - TRPG
6. Motorstorm:Pacific Rift - Racing
7. Naruto: Ultimate Storm - Fighting/Adventure
8. Disgaea 3 - TRPG
9. Siren New Translation - Horror
10. Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty - Platform
11. Killzone 2 - FPS
12. Infamous - Sandbox
13. Jakuza 3(japan) - Sandbox
14. WKS - JRPG
15. Tekken 6 - Figthing
16. M.A.G. - MMO FPS
17. GoW3 - Slasher
18. Cross Edge - JRPG
19. Way of the Samurai 3 - Slasher

People will be busy with these games, so.. of`course FFXIII also will little boost ps3 sales in US/Europe, but going multi, won`t make big effect. IF PS3 version won`t dissapoint, thet every FF fan will buy it on PS3(even after square announcement). You never know how inferior x360 port might be..)) x360 just got a Name, but at what Quality??? =))

kewlkat0073802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Man your

Now it's "till the Spring of 2009"

I hate games list but what happened to the year 2008? always with Sony everything leaks into the next with delays and such.

Right now Sony/Ms/Ninty is only worried about this Holiday and games that will sell like hotcakes.


Cicinho3802d ago

Why will square have a bad feeling in there gut? Will Xbox fanboys buy into the hype of FF XIII, yes they will. Not all of them but square will cut a profit on production costs of FF XIII and thats all they want.

PS3 owners will still buy this game. I have never bought a FF game before in my life but I will buy this one and check it out. There is no bad outcome for square's decision for going multiplat. All you fanboys like to cry and whine but your still going to buy the game.

IF you all had square enix for going mulitplat and runing your little lives then dont buy there games. There is enough of you fanboys to make a dent in there sales so if you really want to do something, hold a giant ps3 fanboy convention and all decide not to buy FFX III. That will give square a bad feeling.

AAACE53802d ago

Square enix made this decision based on the way the market was changing! They realized the japanese were growing tired of rgg's which is why SE made the announcement that they would be targeting the western audience. Japan still likes the games, but with the high cost of making these beautiful works of art that SE crafts, it seems like you fanboys forget that this stuff cost alot of money!

SE has it's dedicated fanbase, and they respect that, but cost of operating goes up, and your amount of fans don't rise as quickly... Then you have to look for other ways to get your product in peoples hands.

Stupid fanboys want to talk about loyalty... If SE went bankrupt by staying loyal and weren't able to give you your next FF fix... Lets see how much you love them then!

Truthfully, I am happy and sad about the FFXIII announcement! I had my little plan worked out. I was going to buy a Ps3 and get Heavenly sword, and MGS 4 so I have something to play until FFXIII came out!

But after hearing how HS was unusually short, and the youtube MGS 4 vids. and the E3 announcement, just kind of made me think twice! I will still get a ps3... just not yet!

thebudgetgamer3802d ago

i think if this happened last year it would've really crushed Sony. but now that they have so much great content now and even better to come so it takes away from the sting a little

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3802d ago
Surfman3802d ago

Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy because of Sony. Their FF7, FF8, FF9, FFX, FFXII, etc. Its all big success, exclusives to Sony on PS1 and PS2. If the PlayStation 1 and 2 didnt had this massive success over the planet, the Final Fantasy franchise wouldnt be that much big.

Finalfantasykid3802d ago

Correction! Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy because of Nintendo.
Playstation is Playstation greatly because of Final Fantasy.

Veryangryxbot3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Well no shiat?

I said it before and Ill say it again. FF13 did not become multi platform because of the lower PS3 install base. It became multi platform simply of a check with a number on it.

FF is not FF because of Nintendo. Nintendo never treated Square with respect and Squaresoft had very little to say in the Nintendo policy. Nintendo was in a war with Sega at that time and one of the reasons why Nintendo had the upper hand was because of a loyal second party developer named Squaresoft, which pumped nothing but Triple A quality titles. This led to a huge fan base gathering for Squaresoft which admired Squaresoft for its loyalty and quality. Despite all this, Nintendo does not allow Square games to port over to EU and restrict the amount of copies Square games can be made on the SNES. Finally Square is forced to pay amounts of royalties for developing on the SNES.

Eventually this led to a HUGE mudfight between Squaresoft and Nintendo that took nine months with both sides accusing each other of being pigheaded, old fashioned and more. When Nintendo announced that the N64 will be using cartridges, Squaresoft announced that they do not want anything to do with Nintendo anymore and left.

Squaresoft publicly made known that they would no longer support Nintendo and all their fans went with Squaresoft to the PSX.
For the next 5 years, Squaresoft (and Nintendo) wont even speak to Nintendo (and vice versa - with Nintendos head occasionally insulting Squaresoft in the media).

And you say that FF is FF because of Nintendo. I just lolled. Nintendo was nothing but an annoyance, holding Squaresoft back.

As you can see, the circumstances upon which Squaresoft left Nintendo, were VASTLY different than whats happening now.

Loyal Square fans left Nintendo together with Square because they all backed Square and Square's decision.

But alas, Squaresoft is no more. Today, there is Square Enix. The new EA of the East. Loyalty and quality are terms that the company does not know. Ties are nothing but historic relics, only old Square Enix employees still know about. The young generation just want to make money.

otakon3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

yeah but FFVII was the first to sell, well... a lot!
before FFVII, FF was just for nerds now it's a Rpg the mainstream wants but since when? FFVII.

Rageanitus3802d ago

amd what is ff to MS.... its not really exclusive hence it wont really make give character to the xbox.

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GiantEnemyCrab3802d ago

This seems to be where the industry is going so I think both 360 owners and PS3 owners are going to get a lot more of this.

I am done with using it as ammo because just as soon as PS3 loses one, the 360 loses one. It just seems to be a reality of the business now and I hate it.

MS is in the toughest position here because while Sony/Ninty have plenty of first party studios for exclusives, MS is hurting.

Tmac3802d ago

Yeah I mean Mass Effect is inevitably coming as well.

KillahCam3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

GiantcrabSh!+ I've been reading a lot of your post and you have bashed the PS3 every chance you get but from your last comment it seems you are giving the PS3 the props it deserves (come to the Darkside my son). LOL :0P You get a bubble for that!

LevDog3802d ago

WOW the most intelligent thing Ive seen you type.. Sony has a crap load of First party studios.. In the 20s I believe.. MS has I think 3-5.. Nintendo just needs to make a Mario (anything) game and it will sell...

otakon3802d ago

i cannot believe GiantEnemyCrab is saying something that seems a little bit rationally... WOW. times really are changing since the announcement of FFXIII going multi-plat.

Mr Fancy Pants3802d ago

i was thinking the same thing otakon. jaja

power of Green 3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

MSFT loses huge flagship console or brand defining exclusives?. lol

1st party studio's won't matter assuming what you say will even be reality in the coming months.

If you research the games that wen't to PS3 the devs have had plans to bring those games to PS3 in the first place, the factors are things from devs kits to MSFT paying to get them first while they fiddle with PS3's inferior hardware.

eagle213802d ago

The business is getting almost cut throat but it doesn't have to be this way. Gamers should just focus on finding the games that interest them 100%. RPG fans enjoy Final Fantasy and others don't. It will only get in the hands of those who enjoy the franchise regardless of platform.

Are you GiantFriendlyCrab today? :)

Kami3802d ago

anything he says. he just wants more bubbles.

Quickstrike3802d ago

I agree, you just spoke the truth. Good things come to those that wait.

Ali_The_Brit3802d ago

ahhh POG you still make me laugh, inferior hardware to what? a 30% failure rate of a console...oh yeh thats damn good hardware isnt it..

Compared to the unmatched cell power of the PS3

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jackdoe3802d ago

It was because they wanted to get more potential sales from the 360 audience. After not releasing any BIG games for the last few years, they need to quickly make a profit.

StayHigh3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

how they goin to make a profit when the game isn't going to be out till late 2010 ?? Sales for the 360 isnt goin to sky rocket because of a announcment of a multiplatform game.

As long as square finish the PS3 version first and take advantage of the cell..I am happy..

avacadosnorkel3802d ago

and all the 360 only games they are about to release...

"It was because they wanted to get more potential sales from the 360 audience"...I mean, PS3 audience, right.

StayHigh3802d ago

PS3 fans know they are getting the better version of the game(FF13)..How can Microsoft think that we going to jump over to the 360 ?? lol..sorry i dont want a port and a game that will be on 3 disks or more..