The top 10 sleeper video games of E3

The big video games of the E3 Media and Business Summit have been blasted across magazine covers and websites for the past few months, but the show still offers a large selection of lesser-known games that are worth a look-even if they lack the marketing muscle of the blockbusters. The following list contains solid sleepers, some of which have received positive buzz and press coverage.

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ElementX3717d ago

Ah yes, another thug PS3 only guy. Just what sony wants to represent their customers

253717d ago

i'm pretty sure that chad warden, if that is his real name, was faking/joking. check out the vid. he doesn't sound like his other videos.

dachiefsman3717d ago

i am looking forward to most of the games. i bet more than a couple of these are far from sleepers.

Overr8ed3717d ago

Mirrors edge!!! Sleeper!! nah. if not its the title that most people are interested in.

juuken3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

I hope to hear more about INfamous and Fat Princess. They sound very impressive to me.

MK_Red3717d ago

Red Faction 3 and DarkSiders are my picks.

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